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This time next month I'll be in London again, I can't wait.
Life has been quite...interesting. I've had horrible days where my depression took over but I really shouldn't complain. I have a fairly good life, supportive friends and semi-supportive family. I've met both of my heroes in my life and I have wonderful friends. I was financially sound to splurge on myself. But unfortunatly I used buying things as a medication for my depression and it cost me. I'm not broke but I can't afford to splurge anymore...and yet I do. I'm getting better, I'm forcing myself not to buy things I don't need. I'm forcing myself but it's hard. It's sort of like eating with me, I eat as a medication...both are destructive but I'm fully aware my overeating is more harmful than my spending.
Anyway, I didn't want to make this post negative..and yet I did. Figures huh? :P

I'll be in the UK from July 1st to July 17th, it's a longer trip than 2009. I'm going to some new places this time! I'll be in the same places as last time; London, Edinburgh, Bath, Lacock, Stonehenge, Glencoe, and Paris. But this time I'll also be on the Isle of Skye and in Glasgow!
This time I'm going with one of my best friends and I'm so so thankful for that gift. During my last tour I made a wonderful friend in Monica. I still talk to her all the time and I love Monica, she's an awesome person. I hope my best friend and her hit it off, I'm sure they will! Oh yeah, Monica will be going on the trip again if you couldn't tell.

While in London I plan on doing some of the same things but I'll also be doing new things. I'm going to the Doctor Who Experience, Much Ado About Nothing, the Museum of Natural History, and hopefully the Eye.

I'm very excited about this trip and finally meeting my best friend in person. ♥
Tags: depression, friends, travel, uk, uk trip 2011
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