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Oh hai guys!

I'm alive!

Twitter has taken over my internet social life. I'm still on LJ though, I lurk.

I can't even begin to say all that went down in 2010 but I can mention some key points.

I had a very interesting year. It was filled with a lot of good things and a lot of bad things. I was at my lowest emotionally and mentally this year. I had a few breakdowns and I can honestly tell you I'm not over it.

After Craig Ferguson joined Twitter I became more involved with that site. I met so many wonderful people through Craig's "Robot Skeleton Army" (RSA). I can say now that some of these people I consider family. I met one of the most amazing people through this community, somebody who I consider a best friend now. In fact, we're going to the UK next year together! More on that in a bit.
I'm thankful everyday for Craig Ferguson because not only does he make me smile on an otherwise dark day but he also let me meet all these amazing people on and offline.

Speaking of the RSA, I went to both New York City and Nashville this year for some Craig stand-up shows. The shows themselves were amazing but it was really meeting the people that I loved. Especially Nashville; we stayed ni the same hotel and hung out together. It was really special and one of the high points of my year.

I had the privilege of traveling a lot this year. Las Vegas, New York City, Boston, DC, Nashville, Yosemite, and Chicago. I will be going to the UK again next year for another Harry Potter Fan Trip. I've been saving and paying it off a little at a time. I will see the last Potter movie in Scotland. I must admit that I'm not as crazy for Potter as I used to be, my fandom interests have moved elsewhere. I still love it as much as I did though, even if I don't go overboard like I used to. I'm really looking forward to that trip again.

I had some worries this year; worries for myself, my family, and my best friend Monique. She had a lot of health problems this year and wasn't getting the help she needed. I'm happy to see she's in a better situation now but I know it will be a constant battle. I help her in the ways that I can, I know I'm making a positive difference in her life and that is one of the things I grasp onto when i'm feeling at my lowest.
I'm worried about myself. My depression was absolutely terrible this year. It's still pretty bad but for the last week or so I've been on a neutral zone. I have never had suicidal thoughts before 2010. It got to the point at times where I was thankful that I was talking to a friend at that moment. They pulled me out of the pit, I'm afraid of what might have happened if I wasn't talking to somebody at those times. I even went on medication again but it's not really helping. We're still trying to find the correct mix for me. I'm also worried about my weight, I'm at a weight that I promised myself I would never get to. I'm an over-eater, I know I suffer from a food addiction. It's a vicious cycle; I get depressed so I eat and part of my depression is triggered by my overeating. I'm trying to help myself in that way but it's difficult. Very very difficult.

I guess that this post went on long enough. I hope 2011 is a much better year for me. And for all of you that are still following my LJ, I apologize for the absence. I'll try to post more.
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