Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

  • Have you ever felt obligated to stay on twitter or to tweet? I want to delete a few accounts but I feel that I can't for various reasons. #
  • This account would stay as it's my RL account, my main RSA one would probably stay. The I keep because I tweet Craig w\it #
  • The other I want to delete but can't bring myself to do it..and the last one I feel I shouldn't delete because people like that secret twit #
  • I said I was taking a twitter break and I am...from my main RSA account.I only have 44 followers here and I know none of them are hurtful #
  • I just unfollowed some people. Most of them are backup RSA accts or people I don't want to follow from this acct. No hard feelings to any♥ #
  • Oh hello!!! Short sleeves, hint of the tattoo, expression on his face..I do believe I might swoon #

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