Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

  • Spent 51\2 hours walking around Smithsonian American History. #Nerdgasms aplenty but also possibility of feet amputation x_x *collapses* #
  • In the War section of the museum there was a man in his late 20s\early 30s with an unmistakable Glasgow accent. Swooning occurred #
  • Ordered pizza, too sore and tired to go out tonight. It was good but nowhere near as good as the pizza in Fish Camp (outside Yosemite) #
  • Although I think that I will put all future pizzas up to standard with that pizza. If that's the case all other pizzas will come out losing #
  • I have decided that I'm going to perfect the Bend & Snap. #Random #LateNightTweeting #LegallyBlonde #
  • Bubble tubs are awesome for the muscles but I felt like I was being cooked with all the bubbly frothing going on! It was delicious though :D #
  • @alicat2494 Lol, it is bizarre and I probably wouldn't use it on a guy...but I want to perfect it anyway #
  • @monicarnsg ROFL! Was it because of a certain show you saw with a certain man? #

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