Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

  • How lovely. It's going to be raining the entire time I'm back east, all 3 locations! I love rain but come on! XD (must find plaid umbrella) #
  • @monsie We're gonna paint the town red! Hire some boy toys to do our laundry in hot pants! Uh..maybe that's just me? :D #
  • @ArtemusRex I'm not sadly :( I'll be in CT, Boston, and DC only :\ #
  • @ArtemusRex I'll be taking the train from DC to CT and then a train from CT to Boston. I might be in PA next year though :) #
  • @ArtemusRex It'd be cool if we could eventually meet up. I've been traveling a lot so who knows! :) #
  • Broke my ipod charger & I can't find my headphones! To BestBuy I go apparently. Not a happy camper! #

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