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Late Late Show taping....the unveiling of Geoff Peterson

Tonight's episode will be so funny! I'm here to give you the report so put your tin foil hats on and click the cut! Or don't click it if you don't want to be spoiled!

They're badass!

Man, it was cold today! We were let into the waiting area at 3:30 and I was there from 12:30! It's a shady area and the wind cut right through me. Yikes! There were a lot of awesome people in the line with me. A nice Canadian family and a mother and daughter that flew in from Minnesota for her birthday just to see Craig, what dedication! I counted seven "official" RSA shirts in the crowd and one guy had a completely different RSA shirt, it was pretty badass!
We were finally let into the waiting area, fingers and toes frozen, to wait around some more before going into the studio.
Chunky B warmed us up with the same old jokes. It's okay though, I adore Chunky! If it weren't for him the event in my icon wouldn't have happened! So Chunky has a very special place in my fangirl heart.

We finally got up to walk to the studio. Off topic but I must boast! The first time I went to a taping about...3 years ago, I took those stairs and I was out of breath for quite a long time! Now? I took those stairs and I was only out of breath for a minute, two at most! Yah! \o/

Anyway, Chunky warmed us up again in the studio. Man, it was a full house tonight! They brought chairs out into the aisle and we were all getting our groove on! Chunky got heckled and got all pissy (not seriously). It was great, we were all giddy over Geoff Peterson!

Now to break it out down. The following happened

~Cold opening....a song!!!! Usually when they start they launch into the opening and Craig comes out for the monologue. This time it was the cold opening. Craig came out to say howdy to us before telling us what was going on. I knew it was something special since they had the curtains in front of the camera. Craig came out without his suit jacket and his sleeves were rolled up (om nom nom). He said hi to us and told us that he thought there should be a song tonight! We kinda spazzed out. Then he introduced Jeff, the security guy and Chris (Gunter!). I don't know what the song was but who cares! It involved Craig, Jeff, Chris, three blonds playing horns, Wavy, and Geoff Peterson! Man, that was a hot opening. You first see his tattoo and they do the song, and his shirt sleeves are rolled up and he did a little pelvic thrust here and there. Mmmmm!!!

Seriously, he looked extra good today! He always looks good but there was something about him tonight..extra delicious!

~Geoff Peterson!
After the opening (they did it twice, didn't like the first time), Craig said hi again and started fiddling with the robot. It's so awesome! It has seven phrases and can move it's head, jaw, and arm. He was making it talk, cracked the audience up. He said "Man, how long is this going to go before it gets old?" xP
He bantered with us a few minutes and then went off stage so he could enter again and do his monologue.

His monologue included talks of robots mostly. Gay C-3PO, the Lost In Space Robot, and Terminator being naked. It also included talks of hobos and chicken xD

He has a desk chat with Geoff who cracked me up! If yuo hear a girl with uncontrollable giggling during the Geoff moments, that's probably me! These are the lines I remember him saying;
1. Oh, that's cold!
2. Hey now! (or is it, "Hey! No!")
3. My favorite is Dolly Parton!
4. Who's that at the door?
5. Ha ha ha!

Craig also showed the video of the intern's adventure to pick up Geoff. Two gay interns in San Fransisco and Geoff comes to life and farts. It made me lolz.

Kristen Bell was adorable as always! They talked about robots and she mentioned her first robot memory being Vicky from Small Wonder (one of the first people that cheered was me, Small Wonder ftw!). She got engaged and talked about being gassy on an airplane, lmao. Dyson vacuums with the proper amount of suction were also talked about.

Grant Imahara was the next guest. Awww, he looked so cute in his suit! We all went nuts for him, yay Mythbusters! He gave us spoilers for upcoming episodes. Can you turn a BBQ into a rocket? Watch Craig during that part, he makes a very delicious expression and the noise he makes...mmmmm!!!! I exploded in my seat ;)

The ending was Craig and Geoff.

Tonight's episode is definitely awesome, I couldn't stop laughing at all!

After the show I said hi to Chunky and got a nice Chunky hug. I told him he's a hero to RSA on the Twitter for getting me on the show. He wants his internet fangirls (oh yes, he has them) to know he says "hi"...

OH! I went to the CBS gift shop and they have LLS mugs now as well as the shirts! Totally got a mug. When going back to my seat a girl in a RSA shirt said "You're Sara!"
Lmao, I'm famous within the LLS crowd! Jeff, the security guy (black guy in the song number) recognized me too. Gave me a fist bump and said "We just can't keep you away." you can't!

You'll love tonight's episode!
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