Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

  • #LollipopTheater is a great organization that brings children in hospitals entertainment. To bring awareness to it, we are trying Trend it #
  • To all my non #RSA friends, PLEASE add #LollipopTheater to all your tweets until Tuesday! It's a noble organization that helps kids. Please! #
  • Earthquake freaked me out. Usually ok w\small quakes but it kept going, thought it was going to grow. #LollipopTheater #
  • It wasn't a local quake though, so it wasn't very large for us. Still scary and I am still nauseous from the rolling. #LollipopTheater #
  • @monicarnsg I'm fine, the lamps shook but that's about it. #LollipopTheater #

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