Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

quakey quake

Still nauseous from the quake. At the time I thought it was local and was going to start growing. I'm okay with small quakes but when it goes on for 20 seconds with a gradual increase...yeah, I started to worry.

We're all okay here though. San Diego is shook up and obviously Mexicali got the worst of it. We're still feeling aftershocks and N CA had a 4pointer.

Ugh, with all these big quakes around the Americas I'm starting to get worried. It's better there are "small" scattered quakes to relieve pressure but...still can't help worry.

Good new though...did I mention I saw Paul McCartney</b> last week!? It was epic! I'll post photos eventually, heh.
Tags: earthquake
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