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My little brush with Craig

For those of you who watch The Late Late Show, you might have seen somebody last night. For those of you that don't watch it, I was on the show! You can read my full report here and a detailed summery of the awesomeness behind the cut :D

Before we got into the studio, I mentioned Chunky B warming us up outside like he usually does. After he did that I went up to him. See, last month I was wearing that shirt and after the show I showed Chunky who really liked it! He wanted one, so I said I'd get one for him. I don't think he honestly expected me to!

So yesterday I went up to him and said "hey, remember me? You liked this shirt?" He did remember me. I told him I got him the shirt and he was floored "you did? Really? Oh you're awesome! Is there anything I can do for you?"
I said that I'd really like to tell Craig about the shirts personally but I understand if that can't happen. I'd be happy with one of the mugs!" (he gives a mug to somebody that catches his eye).

He said he'd see what he could do...I was like :O

So when we were in the studio we got warmed up again and Chunky was heckling my mom (or Sara's Mom, who she is now known as). After Craig did the monologue he said hi to the audience. He was chatting with Chunky, Michael the Producer, and us for a few minutes. He was in a really good mood :)
They mentioned having the Geoff video and Craig was excited. Chunky said "Hey Craig, check this girl out! It's already starting!"
Craig looked right at me and said "Oooh yes, the Robot Skeleton Army!" in that lovely creepy\scary voice he sometimes has. He beckoned me with his finger (I think my eyes popped out and rolled across the floor when he did that). Chunky took my hand and escorted me down to the stage.

I walked up and Craig loomed over me with in all his 6'2 glory and looked me right in the eye. "You don't mind being on tv?"
Nope! "What's your name? Sara? That's a lovely name. You're going to stand there for five seconds and then I'm going to use my secret hand motion to get you off the stage", at this point he made the motion. Michael the Producer said "I don't think she gets the motion." Craig turned to me and said "You get it?"
I made the motion myself (yes, I've actually done that motion in real life so I was rockin' it!)
Craig laughed and smiled at me and then they said "5 seconds"

Five seconds!? I wasn't prepared! How do I not look awkward! Especially when Craig is off camera smiling at me! So I looked awkward and waved..he gave a "go on" look so I said "HI". I knew he didn't want me to talk, rofl. He shooed me off stage and then talked about me, you saw that.

After that bit was over and the cameras were off Craig was talking about Geoff a bit with us. Then he said to me with a smile "You were great Sara, and you're adorable!"
I was super cool on the outside and I waved at him and said "thanks Craig!"
Inside I was spazzing out because he called me adorable x_x

He also demanded the audience applaud me, hehe.

After the show was over I was the toast of the audience, they were all happy for me. Personally I think it's a big deal, I'm a big girl and I got in front of the camera..I think it makes it extra special for me.

Michael the producer said bye to me and I got a hug from Chunky B. (he's the guy escorting me up the steps after my bit, you can't really see him).

So that was that! It was my third brush with Craig. First time was during a book signing, second time is when he hit me in the head with a chocolate he was throwing during commercials, and the third was this. So amazing! My love for him grew yesterday because of how sweet he was. I already knew he was sweet from my other two encounters (he asked me if I was alright when I got hit)'s quite wonderful getting all of those assurances of his awesomeness.

I also think he appreciated that I thanked him. Not a lot of the people he brings up in front of the camera thank him, do you notice that? Some do but a lot don't! Craig is bringing you in front of the camera but you caught his eye. Thank him! He flashed me a huge smile when I did that, I don't think that made the camera. I love his smile, I think I almost tripped when he smiled that smile at me. Haha :D

Here's the video! I also just realized I'm in the same segment as Grant and Geoff Peterson, that makes it even cooler :D

My love for this man grew yesterday, I didn't think it was possible to love him more then I already did! Oh, he touched the small of my back when I got up there. So I got a half hug! I've seen him up close before but it's been quite a few months, I forgot how lovely he is that close. His eyes captured me and his smile made me feel quite vulnerable (in a good way).

By the way, you can get the shirts here! All proceeds to go charity and I can say these shirts are comfy and really well made!
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