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Oh House, what you do to me

Who saw tonight's episode of House? I loved it so much.

I liked the scene where Wilson bought House the organ more then the marriage proposal earlier in the season. To me, it was more subtle at how much Wilson loves House that he did this for him. The condo is in his name, it's a good investment for him. House is chipping in with the rent more then likely but it's really Wilson's place legally. So them living together, while very awesome, isn't so intimate to me. That he bought House that instrument...that was intimate. Those things are a bitch to move, that shows commitment on Wilson's part to be living with House. Plus, he showed his love for his best friend through something near House's You could tell in House's expression that he was could see it. I got misty eyed, I admit it. I think that's one of the best H\W moments in the entire history of the show. From a House action, I'm still gonna go with House risking his life for Wilson's GF as well as him watching over Wilson during and after the surgery.

The Taub side story was nice. I like seeing more history on him, he's kind of grown on me. However, wtf was up with him and that nurse! :O

Also, lol at Foreman. That man doesn't have an excited bone in his body. That brain thing is'd think a neurologist would be excited over such cool technology, even if it's experimental!

Three more things. Aww, Chase. I've grown to really like the Chase character. He wasn't there that much this week but still, I loved it. Also, seeing him after seeing the show Saturday night..and seeing Jesse in person..hehe!

I totally know where they filmed the furniture store scene! I feel like going to that store and looking for that weird circular thing Wilson sat on. Oh, and that scene was so cute ♥

Lastly, oh House. I loved him in this episode. He's gotten more soft since being in Mayfield. Completely understandable. A lot of people hate that but I like it. He's still House. He's still a snarky SOB but he's more in touch with himself. He needs to be, I want to see where the writers take his character.
Oh Hugh, he looked so gorgeous in this episode. He was more shaven this episode and he had more hair. It's taken me a long time to get used to that close cropped hair he's sporting this season. I don't really like it but I don't hate it anymore, it does make his ears stand out which is a plus. Seeing it grow back though, that makes me squee. Also the cleaner look on his face. Hugh Laurie with scruff is a beautiful thing. Hugh Laurie with a full beard is nice but...I like the "normal" scruffy look he used to sport in the previous seasons. So nice it was back this episode. He was just so delicious in this episode...and I was completely spazzing out during some scenes.
The organ scene..where he plays it and gets lost in the music? Yeah, I spazzed...especially because I saw him live Saturday night and he makes those same faces in real life. He totally loses himself and it shows in his face...those beautiful expressions....

Yep, I really loved this episode.

Ok, I'm going to get a post up about that epic Band From TV concert by tomorrow night!
Tags: fangirl squee!!!, house, hugh laurie
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