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Er, I think I'm neglecting LJ

FANDOM SECTION, scroll down a bit if you want ;p

I'm still reading my f-list but I have noticed that I skip over all the HP communities unless there's an alert for art. I think i'll take them off my f-list so I don't have to bother skipping. I wont' leave the communities, I'm still a Potterphile even if I haven't been active in the fandom. Let's face it, I haven't read a HP fanfic since September. I started a H\D one but couldn't focus on it, my other fandoms were calling for my attention. I sometimes feel guilty which is really quite stupid but there you go. My current major fandom is House with the occasional South Park and Zelda thrown in. I would also say that my number 1 fandom right now is Craig Ferguson. He's a real person so I hate using the term "fandom" but what else do you call a group of fans getting together (online) to discuss him?
I'm so happy he's finally getting the recognition that he deserves. It gives the longtime fans like me satisfaction knowing that his fanbase is growing. Most of my new Craig friends are pretty recent to liking him but that doesn't make them any less of a fan. They're just as important, I refuse to be a fan snob. lame ;)

I went to a Late Late Show taping yesterday. If you care to read about my fifth experience being an audience member to that awesome show click here!

Anyway, I'm not neglecting you, my LJ friends. I'm reading your entries even if I'm not commenting. I'll try to comment more but my internet time has been split between Facebook and Twitter (oh Craig, you've made me addicted to Twitter).

I'm still looking for a job. Right now I'm looking everywhere but I'm focusing my search on Utah. I'd like to live there a few years. I'd like to be closer to my best friend and soul sister. I'd miss LA but it wouldn't be forever, I'd move back here. Heh, I'd also like to live in Scotland ;P
I'm traveling a bit this year. Back to Yosemite in May, Vegas in June, Boston and DC in May, and NYC in October. I'm also saving up for UK summer 11'. I'm coming back to you Scotland! I feel very fortunate to have the means to travel and do what I want to do. I know a lot of people don't and I hope I don't come off as snooty when I talk about traveling.

School's going as well as can be expected. I hate online classes, I need the in classroom setting. After this semester I don't think I'll take another online course unless I absolutely have to.

I got a henna tattoo today. It is a spectacular failure! I won't let it turn me off henna tats, I'll just find a better person! I'm going to get the same design next time, it can't be that hard! I could probably have done it better myself, oy. I got one get used to the idea of having body art. I've been wanting a tattoo for years and years but always told myself I would wait until I lost weight. I'm sick of waiting, I think I'll be getting one before this year is over. I've had a few designs running in my head and decided to get the henna tat of the design that's been the most dominant in my head for about three years now.

Whatado everybody! I got my own little Wavey in the mail today. It distracted me temporarily from the henna tattoo fail. You can see my Fandom Wall of Geekery in the background.

Speaking of fail..

You can see I wiped the paste off the shitty part. It's a lot paler then the part I kept, I'm hoping that'll be gone soon. I've been rubbing my arm like mad trying to wash it off. The top part kinda sucks too but at least I can tell what it is! The design for it is here. It's a gorgeous design and isn't that difficult for a professional, something she clearly was not. She didn't even try to get the pattern right! As a friend put it, "she killed Scottish pride!"

Vintage gas station at Farmer's Market

The darling clock tower at Farmer's Market

Got my hair done monday, I dyed it again. It's closer to my natural color but more alive. I'm also wearing makeup and I'm in my jammies :P
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