Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

  • Hey RSA I'm home! I still have 30 minutes until Craig, without spoilers was it an epic show? #
  • @waveyrancheros Oh I love that about him. He's hilarious but he's also real, he knows when to be serious and he's very passionate. Love that #
  • @urockstar Those are great episodes. I'm looking forward to it :) #
  • @urockstar Whenever I hear "buffy the vampire slayer" I automatically think of that movie before realizing people usually mean the show #
  • @waveyrancheros Exactly, couldn't have put it better myself. #
  • @CraigyFerg
    You might be "TV's Craig Ferguson" to most, but to some of us you're just regular Craig. Honest & real & we love that about you #
  • @waveyrancheros I hear that. It's 12:09 right now, I don't hit my peak until around 1-2 #
  • @ScottishConan Now I'm very excited about tonight's show. Still 25 minutes! #
  • @Kelness What are you HA'ing about woman? #
  • Oh snap, he's at 99,223 followers! #
  • Anybody else have the Twitter jingle as a ringtone? It's my current txt jingle #
  • ..I miss Coco. I want to watch the clip of him and Andy rafting the "mighty" Los Angeles River xD #
  • @waveyrancheros Real person fics kinda squick me out but I'm intrigued by this. :) #
  • @Rathany I have family there. Have a safe drive south #
  • @waveyrancheros That's a good way of thinking. #
  • @waveyrancheros Just reading a few paragraphs, you've got his voice down! My family & friends say my humor and way of talking is like his #
  • @waveyrancheros And I consider that a massive compliment, heehee #
  • @waveyrancheros agree100%
    He's so happy right now, I don't want to think of it if they split. it's hard to say something on twitter #
  • Im sick of ppl saying I only like him because he's cute. I respect him for how far he's come and his genuine heart. His inner beauty is 1st #
  • @waveyrancheros Take it as one! Having your sense of humor compared to him is also wonderful, so I always feel so happy when pple say 2 me #
  • @waveyrancheros Understandable. I cry for weeks *reading* some fics! #
  • 10 more minutes until Daddy..and it's weird calling him that :D #
  • went to family for dinner. The wife made something that tasted like haggis but wasn't. It satisfied my haggis craving 4 at least a month ;p #
  • @ScottishConan It was adorable :) #
  • If I could have a hour alone with Craig, know what I do? I'd just talk to him, a real convo. That'd make me happy...and maybe a simple hug #
  • @urockstar I kinda got pulled into calling him that but I'm weaning myself back to calling him Craigy or His Royal Chattiness or Master ;D #
  • @waveyrancheros Wow really? That's awesome! : D #
  • Gonna take my itouch and plant myself on the couch to wait for His Royal Chattiness. Will only reply during commercials :D #
  • @urockstar lol that too. I'd seriously b happy just having a convo with him ...and a hug #
  • @waveyrancheros that was such a great book. I cried thru both his books #
  • @cheekyholmes true but not as creepy as daddy ;) #
  • Tomorrow's just your future yesterday!! #
  • @waveyrancheros yeah but the former completely for the latter #
  • Whats a comin a go corpurnocus!? #
  • @craigf_greatest I saw that! D'oh! #
  • Elias get out of the corn field, there's betrayed zombies coming! #craigferguson #
  • @waveyrancheros yeah, b4 I would think the age difference is odd...not anymore. #
  • @craigf_greatest there's no other family I'd rather be in #
  • I <3 topher grace #
  • Lol @ jasmine dance #
  • @craigf_greatest I feel the #dirtycraigfergusonfamily is more intimite and caring of the "the family head" #
  • Ilu topher but don't be stealing robot sidekick's thunder #
  • @Kelness lol WTF #
  • @waveyrancheros rofl, ikr? #
  • Omg they've perfected the awkward pause #
  • @Kelness kinda zoning out on tweety. Craig's on ;) #
  • @waveyrancheros lol, I've been calling him Craigy for years :D #
  • Some guy in the audience is annoying me #
  • @waveyrancheros when I met him I didn't say him at all...but yes, he'd be mr ferguson #
  • @waveyrancheros Craig normally...craigy when he's being cuter then normal #
  • I'm in love with the Peter sagal interview #
  • @waveyrancheros exactly! I'd be very respectful to him because I seriously respect the man #
  • Lol oprah on the sears tower #
  • @Kelness cool :3 #
  • @waveyrancheros yes. I joke about my "crazy love for him" & I do have a crush but I have too much respect 4 him #
  • @waveyrancheros lol...well, plus I was tweeting while watching him. My brain wasn't all there :) #
  • That was a really good show. #
  • RT if you love it when @CraigyFerg decides to skip normal late night type monologues and talks about philosophy and science #
  • @waveyrancheros It's nearly 2 for me, I'm just getting started. I figure I'll work on my Craig graphix project until I mellow down #
  • TGIS #
  • @waveyrancheros Hah, ok. Hopefully you get to sleep! Nite! #
  • I think I'm going to mellow with some cream whiskey while listening to some Mozart. Night RSA! Don't stop being made of win :) #
  • oh crap! I meant to dedicate my 1,000 tweet to @CraigyFerg..oh well, 1,500
    Okay...whatever..nite everyone! #
  • @CoreyVidal That's definitely something to think about #
  • can't sleep RSA members awake or who see this later! A mission! Find me a photo of Craig looking exhausted! I need it for my mood project :D #
  • @kayori Thank you! #
  • @kayori I didn't have the patience to cap from his movies so these are a definite help! Thank you! *saves them* #
  • @Banana_Happy I can't sleep! I'm trying to assign photos of Craig to different's very difficult :x #
  • RSA! When you see this photo:
    What mood do you think of? I'm thinking "ditzy"..that accurate for that hilarity? #
  • @Banana_Happy I'm doing it for a mood theme over on Livejournal. A photo of Craig for all 140 LJ moods. Been working on it since January #
  • @Banana_Happy Craig mean!? Blasphemy! Hang your head in shame.
    Wee, I can't sleep so I'm slap happy :D #
  • @CraigyFerg has only 576 followers until his Boney Legion reaches 100,000! #
  • @Banana_Happy It is but it's so difficult. So many positive expression and barely any negative or the "working" moods... #
  • @kayori I already have this for nerdy:
    And another for "ditzy" it shall be! #
  • @kayori and for the hell of it, this is geeky:
    Some are super easy to assign. You're the first to see any of them #
  • @kayori Oops, I meant this one: #
  • @Banana_Happy Haha, I do have an "angry" one...but I'll definitely check it out, I can use some negative faces! #
  • @kayori I hoped to be done by today. Yeah, that isn't happening. My new goal is by the end of February! I'll link it here #
  • Okay RSA, I'm finally crashing. 3:15am, that isn't bad! Stay awesome and if @CraigyFerg hits 100,000 make sure to get a screen cap of it! #
  • can't sleep, clowns will eat me #
  • @SexyCraigFerg
    I should be sleeping... #
  • @SexyCraigFerg Yup #
  • Go away scary Insomnia Clowns, I don't like you. #
  • What up RSA skellypeeps? I'm drinking an iced mocha from Coffee Bean. Delicious! #
  • Parquet seating would offer you the quickest access to the exits. The backstage entrance is located at 161 West 56th Street.
    Reply from NY #
  • @colleen_byrne I know, my two main men having a bromance <3 #
  • @mollayyy I try! They'll cost $$$ but I'm thinking to myself: who cares. Now we gotta keep an eye out and get tickets all near each other! #
  • @colleen_byrne No problem! Hopefully the RSA that goes to that show can all buy tickets near each other :) #
  • @mollayyy You can always sell them, somebody will buy them! I'm hoping for an Amex presale :D #
  • @mollayyy U can see him twice! I'm seeing him in Vegas too. It's a presale for A. Express gold memebers. My mom has one so Ill buy with hers #
  • #NowPlaying New Order~True Faith
    I used to think that the day would never come I'd see the light of the shade in the morning sun! #
  • @sparrowsrflying :O VH1? #
  • RSA peeps! What's a good mood 4 this pic:
    This is one that I can't place! LJ members, it's the moods from there #
  • Oh iTunes shuffle how you mock me.
    My name is Angus, I'm handsome and rich but I don't mess with Bubbles cause she'd smack me like a bitch! #
  • @Anna_RSA Hmm, I didn't realize I don't have a "content" and my "good" one is pretty, yay! Thanks! *names it* #
  • I meant to keep the mood theme a secret but you RSA have ways of making a fellow Skellypeep talk! Plus, I'm thankful for the help :D #
  • #NowPlaying Right Said Fred-I'm Too Sexy
    Yeah yeah yeah, it's in my "guilty pleasures" playlist. #
  • I should be doing homework for philosophy. I wish I had @CraigyFerg here to help me with this paper. He could show off his massive brain #
  • @WaveyCrocodile Have you earned any beads? #
  • #NowPlaying Franz Ferdinand-No You Girls #
  • @alyankovic That looks so disgusting. But I've had haggis and loved it so I shouldn't judge #
  • @oliviawilde - A real page turner! #
  • #NowPlaying The Phantom of the Opera #
  • #AssMode #
  • Sing once again with me a strange duet My power over u grows stronger yet #
  • My spirit and my voice in one combined. The Phantom of the Opera is there, inside my mind! #
  • #NowPlaying Hugh Laurie-Nagasaki from Jeeves & Wooster soundtrack.
    J&W ftw! #
  • @Anna_RSA The books are so awesome and I think Fry & Laurie were perfection at their roles #
  • RSA peeps! Do any of you have a really good quality cap from the sexy ending of LLS? I need it for the "horny" mood ;) #
  • And when I mean good quality, I mean it. I have a decent one but it doesn't resize well to 90x50 #
  • @Banana_Happy I've used her videos but I must suck at capping since I've seen really good caps from her vids from other peeps. #
  • @Banana_Happy I watch in the highest quality available. #
  • @SexyCraigFerg Thanks! I'll go check out her pics. #
  • @ScottishConan - Over a week later and I'm still in love with this opening. I also still quote the lattes quote #
  • #NowPlaying Hugh Laurie--Little Girl from A Bit of Fry & Laurie #
  • #NowWatching Lenny the Wonder Dog. So much cheese #
  • "you smell like latte!" #craigferguson #
  • I just got up to 17,271 in #DoodleJump!!! Beat that! #
  • "Poor little rabbit. You zig & you zag but my hot breath is on your fluffy Cotten tail" #craigferguson #nigelwick #
  • Hey Skellypeeps! If you're a member of ontd_ln, the Saturday Graphx post is up! I spammed it with photos of @CraigyFerg :D #
  • @rebtuck I'm sorry to hear idiots on the internet are giving you a hard time. You've been great to us and you work hard, so boo on them! #
  • Somebody is BBQ in the neighborhood. The aroma is making me so hungry #
  • Does this photo really need a caption? x__x #
  • A few of you have wanted to see my crazy Fandom Wall, here it is. I have other stuff but 2 lazy to photo #
  • Another shot #
  • And my corkboard... #
  • @mollayyy Hehe, I love it too! I commissioned it from my fav HP fanartist :D :D :D #
  • Coco pins, Equus ticket from 08', and Craig tickets #
  • @mollayyy you need to get over to ontd_ln! I totally spammed it with Craig ;D #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey I'm wonderful! Debating whether to watch a movie or read a book with music #
  • @mollayyy lmao, yay! Somebody needs to spam it with Craig :D #
  • Do I have a House marathon or do watch the Olympics? #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey So worth it #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey Silly man probably knew what a stir that comment would cause! Causing mischief wherever he goes! Gotta love him <3 #
  • @Jennloveslamp Agreed! *pops in season 5 dvd* #
  • @CraigyFerg Dedicating my 1,100th tweet to you. On bad days you remind me that there are things to smile about in the world. Stay wonderful. #
  • Oh House, why must you be so delicious? #
  • @SexyCraigFerg And it's 100% true. I have chemical depression and on my lowest days I watch him and I have to smile. He's beautiful <3 #
  • @Fergusonlicious That's the order of my list too. 1. Craig, 2. Hugh, 3. Ewan McGregor :D #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey IKR? Did you see that comedy bit from years ago with Craig, Hugh, Rowan A, Stephen Fry, etc? #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey Billy Boyd! <3 #
  • @WaveyCrocodile *cocks head*
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey I want tartan socks! I have a tartan scarf :D #
  • Took the "Are you obssessed with Craig Ferguson?" quiz & got: Craigaholic! What about you? ➜ #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey Stephen Fry oozes awesomeness. #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey I got mine in Fort Augustus, Scotland xD #
  • @colleen_byrne His voice is soothing and he has such a way with words... #
  • @Jennloveslamp I had a little crush on my Edinburgh tour guide. He had to be in his 50s and very average looking, hahaha.
    Ewan's hair=win #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey Agreed. I want to have a deep and awesome conversation with Fry about politics and anything else he wants to chatter about #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey :O I guess I'll be picking that up! I have the British version of the Potter audiobooks. I love how he says "Quidditch" #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey I'm going back there in 2011. It's so amazing. #
  • @Diane4mail I learn new things quite often. #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey (1\2) I didn't want to get on the plane! It's so gorgeous over there and everybody was so NICE #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey (2\2) My goal: Go back next summer, find a Scottish man, marry, move to Scotland, profit #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey I think I shall!
    Sometimes when music doesn't put me to sleep I'll put on the HP a.books or American On Purpose :D #
  • @WaveyCrocodile Gotta admit, I like the Eric Cartman version better #
    My two guys having a bromantic cuddle. I think some of my brain cells exploded when I first saw that... #
  • @Diane4mail And like Craig's first marriage, it would be a Scottish\Jewish wedding! That would be...interesting :D #
  • And did you notice that Hugh and Craig are totally holding hands in that gif!? <3 <3 <3 #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey Glad I'm not the only one! They're holding hands! #
  • @Fergusonlicious iTunes has it #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey Of course he'll be in a kilt during the wedding #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey I think I actually screamed it out loud! #
  • @Fergusonlicious No no, it's for the cultural reasons *shifty eyes* #
    *explode* #
  • @Anna_RSA I know! Craig can be a patient that got sick while at his job at the male strip club under the name "Angus McBeef". #
  • @Jennloveslamp His smile is infectious <3 #
  • @Jennloveslamp That lamp can land airplanes! :D #
  • Because @Anna_RSA reminded me when she mentioned Craig on House... #
    His hair is epic #
    brb, cold shower xD #
    Omlawd #
  • So I'm basically bored so u all have to "suffer" from me spamming you with pictures. I have a Photobucket acct and Im not afraid to use it! #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey What does FMS mean? *feels stupid since she usually knows that stuff* #
  • @ScottishConan Lol, I think it's obvious that you aren't trying to make yourself come off as HIM :P #
    He's on a bed! #
    Go away watermark, nobody likes you! #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey Lmao! Perfect response! #
  • @SexyCraigFerg The one of him tied up? It's from one of his movies..and I'm blanking on the name #
  • @SexyCraigFerg
    Oh, the movie is Life Without Dick #
  • @SexyCraigFerg Oh! I don't know where it's from but I've seen the photos floating around. Some magazine probably #
  • I know IMDB is highly unreliable but I meeped when I saw that #
  • @oliviawilde Congrats! You guys deserve it! #
  • Watching House episode "Both Sides Now"
    This episode always breaks my heart #
  • @davidffoster
    Congrats on winning the award at the Writers Guild Awards! #
  • @shorez
    Congrats on winning the award at the Writers Guild Awards! #
  • @RusselFriend
    Congrats on winning the award at the Writers Guild Awards! #
  • @garrettlerner
    Congrats on winning the award at the Writers Guild Awards! #
  • @Banana_Happy Morning! #
  • That scene at the end of the season 5 finale kills me...and it's worse because my favorite Rolling Stone song is playing during the scene :( #
  • @Fergusonlicious I am talking about that scene. It's so heartbreaking..especially the look he gives Wilson right before he turns around ;_; #
  • Gotta watch something fun to bring me up from that sad episode...
    Much better #
  • @mollayyy Season 5 is a really good season and the last two...I cried..also season 6 premiere #
  • @Fergusonlicious I'm not a Huddy shipper anymore. I used to root for them but now...I won't go on a murderous rampage if they do get 2gether #
  • @mollayyy YES!!! #
    Another one I <3
    When Hugh becomes Mr. Music..unf x_x #
  • @Banana_Happy That sucks, I hope the people in the accident are ok #
  • @Fergusonlicious Did you have something interesting to say to yourself? #
  • @Fergusonlicious I usually hear crickets chirping during my inner musings. #
    I love this fanvid!!! #
  • @Fergusonlicious I can't really stand her right now, the way she's treating him and telling Lucas what happened. Confidentiality please? Meh #
  • @Fergusonlicious Indeed! The man (men) are gorgeous.
    Although I do think Hugh is so adorkable back in the day. <3 his Bertie #
  • @urockstar HI! #
  • @cheekyholmes I love that movie, definitely one of his best #
  • @Fergusonlicious The kilt scene also!...and that part where we got a glimpse of Craig bum ;p #
  • @bgrhubarb That's the "problem" with being a Craig fan, we're easily distracted by him #
  • @Banana_Happy I was once stuck in traffic for a 8 mile drive for TWO HOURS. President Obama was in town, that was why #
  • @craigf_greatest Just the normal fangirling :) #
  • mwahaha, I have discovered GIFsoup. Fear me #
  • @urockstar ick, I hate when that happens #
  • @urockstar Yah, I posted it here. So gorgeous! #
  • @urockstar nom nom nom :D
    You make me want to start spamming Twitter with Craig photos..and I did that earlier! #
  • @urockstar His lips too :3 #
  • @urockstar There's a photo of him in his 20s I think in his book :) #
  • @urockstar The three photos of him? #
  • @bgrhubarb I'm not complaining ;) #
  • @urockstar
    Sent, hope that's what you were talking about #
  • watching Drew Carey Show :D #
  • Watching Drew Carey Show with GIFSoup. Wick gifs to come! #
  • @cheekyholmes You haven't seen it yet!? :O
    Love that movie, seen it...4 times I think #
  • My internet is being so slow!! #
  • HEY RSA! I made my first gif with GIFSoup. I gotta share the love! #
  • @joshgroban The Nothing always scared me..and so did that scary dog in the cave #
  • @Jennloveslamp I'm making another one! It sucks that it has a 10 second time limit...but I've been wanting to make Wick gifs forever now! #
  • @Anna_RSA I know! Kate's insane for turning that down..and Wick looks so lonely when playing solitaire <3 #
  • @Jennloveslamp I know, I'm picking my brain for the best. I already have 10 in my head #
  • @urockstar You're very welcome! I'm working on some more :D #
  • @Jennloveslamp Oh no worries I'll get to that one! #
    "Poor little rabbit. You zig and you zag but my hot breath is on your fluffy cotton tail" #CraigFerguson #
  • Another one! This one is so cute <3 #
  • @RenanrRinaldi Aww #
  • @Jennloveslamp I was sad when it was can celled...although by that time the only thing keeping me viewing was Craig and Ryan #
  • @bgrhubarb Well I'm glad the good > bad, we want his Tweety experience to be positive #
  • @bgrhubarb I <3 that interview so much #
  • @colleen_byrne Nite! #
  • wtf, why are my ears clogged? #
  • @bgrhubarb Bahaha. My mom and I are always in tears during the whole "big cock" part of the stand up....and seeing him do it in Vegas, *die* #
  • @urockstar I hear Michael Jackson on my local "oldies" station...not Jackson 5...I'm talking about Beat It era :( #
  • @waveyrancheros Most of my stations have a "flashback" local rock station has added Nirvana to their "flashbacks" D: #
  • @bgrhubarb Well not the performance the dvd is from. I saw it in Vegas..that was a few months later I think :)
    It's the same routine though #
  • @waveyrancheros I love that quote, absolutely love it. #
  • @waveyrancheros I was born in 83' so hearing it is like the radio station telling me I'm old. I love it when they mix music too #
  • @bgrhubarb the Carnagie Hall one might :) #
  • Finished watching Lenny The Wonder Dog. I need to watch that movie in doses otherwise my brain will melt :) #
  • @waveyrancheros I saw the whole thing *once* I just fast forward through the painful parts (the chase through the house. Craig dance + #
  • back to making 10sec gifs! Taking requests! ;p #
  • @CraigyFerg
    I think zombies should use the toothpaste that vampires use, maybe their teeth wouldn't be as disgusting.
    Sara, Los Angeles #
    Doesn't feature #CraigFerguson but that clip was epic #
  • @cheekyholmes :D :D :D Isn't he just adorable? I want to squish Crawford McKenzie <3 #
  • @craigf_greatest Nite! #
  • @cheekyholmes :D :D The hotel scene makes my heart pitter pat..and the California Dreamin, Kilt scene...oh heck, I <3 it all! #
  • @cheekyholmes Flamboyant!Craig is a thing of beauty :') #
  • @oldfoundnew Happy birthday! :) #
  • @oldfoundnew YAY! I'm glad I inspired you to watch that interview of epicness. Seriously, I fangirl every time I watch it. #
  • @Anna_RSA I don't usually get sleepy until 4:30 :( #
  • la de da, wasting my night away making gifs. La de da #
  • @oldfoundnew WOO! I don't know who to root for! I'm an American girl but I love Canada....I'll root for USA but I won't be sad if Canada win #
  • Yeah, they wore skin colored underwear. They couldn't be really naked. S... (YouTube #

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