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@ Kelness a magical creature from potter # @ Kelness good… - Robot Skeleton Army Minion #1983 — LiveJournal
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Sat, Feb. 20th, 2010 12:01 am

  • @Kelness a magical creature from potter #
  • @Kelness good luck! #
  • Now that Craig is over am I going to sleep? Nope! I need to work on my project, I hope to have it done by Saturday #
  • @Banana_Happy Good morning! I'm trying to fall asleep, it's after 3 for me! #
  • @CraigyFerg
    I had a thought! What if you put two red holiday lights in your skull's eyes? Then the skull would have scary eyes!
    Sara LA, CA #
  • @Banana_Happy Are you over in Europe? :D #
  • I was about to email Craigy when I remembered that his Friday shows are taped Thursdays. I'll have to wait till Monday! Curses! #
  • Dear Self,
    Go to sleep.
    Love, Me #
  • @Banana_Happy Oh, sweet. :)
    I think I'm finally going to go sleep...I think I emailed you for the RSA project... #
  • So an hour later I'm still awake..but I think I'm finally ready to join my kitty in the land of dreams #
  • So of course I miss Craig's tweets. The one day I sleep till 11 x_x #
  • @MFLoyalBekah Heehee, I've recorded all his shows for years now! I have a whole library of lolz #
  • @urockstar I slept through them :\ #
  • Any skellypeeps on that wants to help me with my LJ mood theme project? I'm trying to assign pictures to moods & could use a second opinion #
  • @Kelness I haven't really even thought of Potter since...September or something. The references are always just there :) #
  • @mollayyy I got up late..what have I missed?! #
  • @mollayyy Wow! @urockstar is really taking the initiative with this :D #
  • Haha, that's what he gets for messing with your Twitter :) tweetphoto.com/11890167 #
  • @Kelness ;p #
  • I got up to do something and forgot what it was #
  • I'm going to call Carnagie Hall tomorrow and ask them some questions. Responses (if they don't lol at me) will be tweeted #
  • Oh yeah, I remember what I was gonna do now! #
  • @urockstar Nah, that's not what I'm gonna ask them about. I want to ask them where the stage door is and the seat section closest to it #
  • @mollayyy I so am! I did this for Equus and I got less then two feet from Danrad. I'm willing to shell out $$$ for a good seat #
  • "You're deconstructing my deconstruction!" #CraigFerguson #
  • I really wanted to have this Craig mood theme finished by tomorrow but without help that won't be happening -.- #
  • Scotland was amazing and not just for it's men in kilts, although that was a bonus tweetphoto.com/11892385 #
  • @WaveyCrocodile What did you eat? #
  • @MFLoyalBekah Lmao, that's my favorite every weekend night @ 12:38 :D
    You're adorable! #
  • @urockstar I'm aching to go back. June\July 2011 can't come quick enough! #
  • This country breeds beautiful men tweetphoto.com/11892600 #
  • @RadiatedJupiter I've been nuts for a Scot in a kilt since I was a teen #
  • Scotland is also home to the "hairy coo", the highland cow. This is Hamish, he is more awesome then you tweetphoto.com/11892698 #
  • @malinky2stoatir :O....LOLOLOL!!! #
  • To me this represents Scotland. The Highlands, kilts, bagpipes. So beautiful tweetphoto.com/11892911 #
  • @urockstar Lol, it's Liza Minelli :D #
  • Not Scotland, England! :D tweetphoto.com/11893007 #
  • @danecook I'm eating cottage cheese and crackers here. Thanks for helping my diet Dane! #
  • @Banana_Happy I told my friend about it, she might be on board. I might even get my mom involved! Haha #
  • Watching House. What is with the UK and breeding delicious men? It's the one where he's tripping half nekked in the locker room btw o_o #
  • Darn you towel! *shakes fist* tweetphoto.com/11893462 #
  • @Banana_Happy No worries :) #
  • I just realized that my RSA peeps outnumber "real life" friends on my twitter. They're being bombarded by @CraigyFerg related tweetes :D #
  • @RadiatedJupiter Yep, we need to spread the influence of the #RobotSkeletonArmy around. #
  • this mood theme project is kicking my ass #
  • @monicarnsg :O :O How dare he demand we stop fancying him. Scottish men were put on this planet for girls to fancy! #
  • @Banana_Happy Omg, I think I will too :P #
  • @monicarnsg unf #
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKubpRC2gjQ
  • @monicarnsg
    Epic video is epic #
  • AssMode! (YouTube youtu.be/eKubpRC2gjQ?a) #
  • @monicarnsg Mwhahaha, classic! You get my FB email? #
  • This will never get old (YouTube youtu.be/w1f-Ydjpk-o?a) #
  • @monicarnsg Nice! Spread the word to any Craig friends you have #
  • @monicarnsg Hahah, it's really hypnotic! I'm about to make it into a phone ringtone #
  • @monicarnsg Hahahaha, omg that's great :D #
  • @monicarnsg Omg, I love that stupid Geico ringtone xD #
  • Finally opened the bottle British Fanta I brought home last year. Delicious #
  • @monicarnsg True. I just made the Twitter jingle my ringtone in the hopes that it GETS OUT OF HEAD! :D #
  • @SunnyAnni_84 twitpic.com/143zf9 - This is amazing! #
  • I had another Craig dream while napping. It involved melted chocolate, kilts, and silk ties. The skull was there judging me. Judging me! #
  • I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) -- Craig Ferguson Twitter Jingle x10 youtu.be/eKubpRC2gjQ?a #
  • @CraigyFerg If it's your plan to brainwash us into doing your bidding..there's no need! We'll follow you to the ends of the Earth!
    Sara, LA #
  • Ahh, I love it when he says "later taters"!!! <3<3<3<3<3
    I love @CraigyFerg so so much #
  • it's funny and ironic. I was keeping my eyes peeled for a Craig tweet and missed it bcause I was nailing a framed poster of him on my wall! #
  • Less then 3,000 followers before we get a sexy dance. RT if you plan on spamming @CraigyFerg for sexy dance demands once he hits 100,000 #
  • @urockstar I'm kinda dying to do the "it's okay!" bit :P #
  • @shan12478 Hi new RSA friend! Yeah, I barely used Twitter until His Royal Chattiness made it cool #
  • @ArikaMM :x #
  • @urockstar Haha, it's all good anway. I'm just happy to be a part of it...I'll still request though ;) #
  • @urockstar Sure, give me a sec ^_^ #
  • @urockstar Give me your email address? I'm trying with FB but it'll probably fail. :) #
  • @urockstar
    Ah, nevermind. @Mollayyy is quick #
  • @mollayyy Lol, it's all good. I'm trying to work on my Craig project which won't be ready tomorrow. It's so difficult :( #
  • @urockstar Hmm...well I got the mp3 too, I can try emailing it to you #
  • @banana_happy
    I'm just happy being a part of the project but I would love if I could do one of these:"its okay", "future", or "yesterday" #
  • @Banana_Happy Cool! *crosses fingers and toes and cheese* #
  • @urockstar
    I'll need your email address ;) #
  • @urockstar
    Oh, also, if the mp3 I send doesn't work you can use this site: www.vidtomp3.com/
    It's pretty awesome #
  • @urockstar Ok, sending now. #
  • @urockstar
    Sent! Hopefully it works :) #
  • omg Anderson Cooper, why so cute bb <3 #
  • @ArikaMM What movie? Highlander? Yes but I'm not referring to that :) #
  • @OliverPhelps I once had a hamster named Porkchop #
  • I'm resigned to the fact that my Craig project won't be done for tomorrow's graphix Saturday post. Next week.... #
  • RT Craig Ferguson\Betty White for Office 2012 #
  • I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) -- We Are The Highlanderz Complete Version youtu.be/-HyossBpLUY?a #
  • I favorited a YouTube video -- We Are The Highlanderz Complete Version youtu.be/-HyossBpLUY?a #
  • @ArikaMM Oh, yeah I've seen it...not the most pleasant thing #
  • I <3 this. I've been a @CraigyFerg fan for over a decade but until a few months ago I never thought to join the fandom. <3 RSA skellypeeps! #
  • @MFLoyalBekah Ugh, I'm sorry to hear that. They do indeed suck. Feel better! #
  • @michaelnaidus
    Did CBS ever fix the leak in the roof? I noticed that it hasn't dripped the last few times it's rained. #
  • Michael's teaser is tantalizing! #
  • @michaelnaidus Uh oh, sorry! I'm going to be at the show next week for Stephen Fry! I'm excited! #
  • Woah you guys, Michael replied to me! *does a jig* #
  • @mollayyy Lol, I refuse to turn into a Craig Snob. He needs recognition for being so awesome. I can just bask & think "I'm an original" :D #
  • @michaelnaidus U should let him know we'll be spamming him with tweets for that sexy dance once he hits the 100,000 mark #
  • @colleen_byrne
    And he sends his many slaves to do his every bidding. I've sent my resume for Craig Slave, I have yet to hear back :D #
  • @mollayyy He is! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I just realized I'll be out of town for his birthday episode, that makes me sad D: #
  • @colleen_byrne Good at massages and willing to try anything ;D #
  • @mollayyy Which picture? There's many pictures! Well I'll be in the hotel room by then...I just love to record his show. I can alwys YT->DVD #
  • Twitter pic of me to Craig to me and back to Craig. Craig wins :D #
  • @ScottishConan LOLZ! #
  • @mollayyy I keep changing it, rofl. It's a Craigy pic now, b4 it was me. U should C all my Craig stuff! I'll take a pic one day and share #
  • @colleen_byrne I think Craig in the bathroom is where I draw the line...oh wait, I forgot about the shower. NEVERMIND #
  • @mollayyy It's epic. My signed book, four small posters, tickets from the Vegas show, my Craigy Bear, my dvds, my movie. I need a Craig doll #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey OMG, hai there mental pictures! #
  • @colleen_byrne What a way to go though right? ;) #
  • I'm thinking of making a separate tweety account for my personal life...but then I remembered, I don't have one! D'oh! #
  • @Colleen_byrne @CdnCheekyMonkey What made him dirty (besides his mouth). I'm thinking...he fell in a large vat of melted chocolate :D #
  • @craigf_greatest Oh well. I'd rather have no life then not know of Craig's awesomeness #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey You and me both x_x #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey @colleen_byrne
    Even pixals can't distract from the sexy #
  • @Fergufool LOL! #
  • @CdnCheekyMonkey Sadness!
    That work? #
  • @colleen_byrne @CdnCheekyMonkey He does! tinyurl.com/y89npd6 #
  • @craigf_greatest LMAO! Tweety twins! #
  • @colleen_byrne Lmao, hai tweety twin :P #
  • @Fergusonlicious I think we all do #
  • @craigf_greatest Single file line ladies! #
  • I need to go my fellow sexually frustrated Craig girls. I leave you with this:
    tinyurl.com/yk2mpfw <3 #
  • @craigf_greatest I've been camped at the front of the line for weeks..ok seriously, g2g! <3 #
  • @CraigyFerg
    If I go to your show on my birthday would you give me a birthday hug? #

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