Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

  • Colbert on olympics :D. Wuz up my RSA peeeps? #
  • @mollayyy :o I say start the paper #
  • Craigy is on for me now :D #
  • Cheer up emo kid <3 #
  • Looooolz. Slimey hobo bits #
  • just voted "Read a Book" on "What Would You Be Doing Right Now if Twitter didn't exsits?" vote too ➔ #
  • I'm getting so excited for next Tuesday. I'm going to be beyond upset if I don't get in. #
  • Seems all my RSA peeps are on the east coast. What's a Westside gal to do? #
  • just voted "Tigger" on "Who Do You Like Best" vote too ➔ #
  • this project is damned difficult! Every time I think I'm nearly done more photos pop up for me to use ,there's putting each pic with a mood! #
  • @OliverPhelps Are any of you going to be lending your voices? #
  • @OliverPhelps
    I saw you and your brother on the show Kingdom the other night. What was it like working with Stephen Fry? #
  • I should be sleeping but I'm not. What's up with that? #
  • @Greg_House_MD You should tell her that her boyfriend is a jerk for messing with you and Wilson #
  • Whattado RSA peeps? I'm thinking a road trip for NYC is in order? Those of us wanting to do this should chat! #
  • @mollayyy YAY! I'll start looking at seating now to find a good spot that'll allow us a nice view, close to him, & able to dash to stg door #
  • @CraigyFerg
    Carnegie Hall huh? You're going upscale! I noticed that the Vegas shows are in summer, are you insane?! I'll be there!
    Sara LA #
  • @mollayyy I know! It isn't two dates either! We'll have to claw at the stage door! Yay Vegas 4 me! #
  • @Tresjolie9 Haha, I hear that! Vegas and NYC for me! #
  • @CraigyFerg
    I bought a teddy bear in Scotland last year, I named it Craigy Bear. It wears a kilt & has bagpipes, it's adorable.
    Sara LA, CA #
  • @craigf_greatest YAAAAY!!! I'm so excited for that :D #
  • Skellypeeps! Yesterday I found my old Craigy tickets while cleaning. I found two huge magazine things from his 100th show that my bud got me #
  • @MFLoyalBekah
    I've been running a hamster wheel to stay in shape for the Take Over. #
  • So street view for Carnagie Hall sucks. Anybody ever go? I wanna see where the stage door is... #
  • @lynnfergy There are probably worse things to be mistaken for, certain politicians spring to mind :) #
  • @Tresjolie9 I kinda wish I could do that show, I think the venue would be smaller. #
  • wtf is up with Virgin America not having any seats for a flight to NYC in October!? #
  • Vegas in June...YUCK. Oh well, I'm still there #
  • mwahahahahahhaa #
  • just voted "Si!" on "Are you a member of the Robot Skeleton Army?" vote too ➔ #
  • Our Master is close to 95,000 followers! #
  • I need to do some damn errands! Eyebrow threading D: #
  • @urockstar Oh yeah I plan to. I just like flying Virgin whenever I can :P #
  • @CraigyFerg
    I'll definitely be at your NYC show, and one of your Vegas show. Traveling the globe for our RSA daddy! <3
    Sara, Los Angeles #
  • My Boston hotel for May is booked! 3 star in Downtown for $800 :D
    Looking into NYC now... #
  • swish!I got myself a hotel room on 56\Broadway for $500 total :D
    Now I just need plane tickets for NYC... #
  • @grantimahara Do you think this robotic bartender would be willing to provide drinks for the Robot Skeleton Army? #
  • @westwoodking Oh duh, I why didn't I think of that?! Now I can see my background! #
  • If any of ya'll need a hotel to stay in NYC you're welcome to stay with me. Just give me a heads up so I can get a two bed instead of one ;p #
  • @urockstar I'll be there by myself, but I'm going to try to get us RSA ladies spots near each other and our Master. I'll be wearing RSA shrt #
  • @MFLoyalBekah I love that you take this RSA thing as seriously as I do. :D #
  • I really should be doing errands...I'll go at 2. #
  • @mollayyy Sexy dance must be close! #
  • @CraigyFerg
    You're close to 95,000! If you don't give us that sexy dance you'll have a very unhappy army.
    Sara, Los Angeles #
  • you have no idea how happy it makes me to know there's RSA skellypeeps out there that take this as seriously as I do. #
  • @urockstar I'm hoping for a hug from Daddy in June. I ask all my RSA peeps to spam him with tweets\emails closing in my bday 4 I'll be there #
  • @mollayyy Lmao, poor baby ;) #
  • Oh snap...I just realized, April 5th is my mom's birthday....I'll try and participate at least part of the day! #
  • @mollayyy It's a sacrifice you'll have to make!
    Colbert! I just realized..I'll be in NYC in October! Must go to a taping for them! #
  • Ok I'm out RSA minions. I'm getting my eyebrows threaded Ouch Dx #
  • @urockstar
    Totally pimped RSA FB page over on Livejournal. #
  • @mollayyy Agreed! I'll do my part. #
  • @urockstar
    What is this video project in which you speak? #
  • @urockstar Oh cool! I'd definitely be down with being a part of that :D #
  • Ok NOW I'm leaving. later! <3 #
  • @Banana_Happy I'm definitely interested! #
  • To register in #CraigFerguson special RSA project send an email by March 1 to #
  • @CraigyFerg
    Congrats on 18 years of sobriety. You have many fans that genuinely care about you and wish you all the best in whatever you do. #
  • D:
    My mom's boss's wife, who is a nice woman, had massive cardiac arrest. She's brain dead now....:( #
  • Thanks guys, it's nice hearing the kind words. I didn't know who that well but she was really nice supposedly. :( #
  • @Tresjolie9
    I couldnt' get a parking space so I'll wait on the eyebrows until Monday.
    Also, thanks. It was sudden..she was only 65 I think #
  • I got my RSA swag and I got my Craigy Bear. What more can a girl want or need? The bear's namesake? ;) #
  • Here's a better picture, I don't look as fug. RSA Unite! #
  • @Tresjolie9 It isn't old at all, my mom is just shy of 65.
    Yeah, oh well I can wait on the pain for a few more days #
  • @Banana_Happy Teehee #
    Unf..that outfit. Delicious! That hair..not so delicious but it's okay. Craig=Sex #
  • @Anna_RSA Ikr? So delicious #
  • Check this video out -- Craig Ferguson - The Ferguson Theory - Supermodels
    Unf x_x #
  • I favorited a YouTube video -- "Intimate Moment" Sketch - 1991 #
  • I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) -- "Intimate Moment" Sketch - 1991 #
  • @colleen_byrne A cheeky monkey left it on my doorstep! ;) #
  • I favorited a YouTube video -- The Craig Ferguson Show #
  • I favorited a YouTube video -- Ferguson Theory 1994 1.2 #
  • I favorited a YouTube video -- Craig Ferguson - Sleep Clip #
  • I favorited a YouTube video -- Ferguson Theory 1994 1.3 #
  • Those pants and that vest...showing off his arms...and those pants!! (YouTube #
  • Those pants! *thud* (YouTube #
  • I favorited a YouTube video -- Ferguson Theory 1994 1.1 #
  • I rated a YouTube video (4 out of 5 stars) -- Ferguson Theory 1994 1.3 #
  • I favorited a YouTube video -- Craig Ferguson - The Ferguson Theory - Supermodels #
  • @colleen_byrne mwahahaha #
  • I wish I knew how to make graphics, I want a Craigy LJ layout :\ #
  • @colleen_byrne I <3 it. It's great quality, actually flatters my "figure", and the silkscreening is really awesome :D #
  • Good evening RSA skellypeeps! Are you cheeky tonight? #
  • @colleen_byrne Go ahead! <3 #
  • @urockstar So am I. I'm working on my Craig project but even that is boring. #
  • @colleen_byrne I <3 Topher! *is excited* #
  • Guh, it's definitely going to rain. My knee is acting up. I <3 rain but my knee doesn't. #
  • @urockstar The moon? Well not quite, soon! I want to chop off my knee #
  • I weighed myself today, I lost 15 pounds! *\o/* #
  • @urockstar Something else. I'm working on a mood theme for LJ. Been working on it since January...almost done! :D #
  • @MFLoyalBekah Agreed #
  • @colleen_byrne
    Your tweet is inspirational. I suffer major depression from various things, sometimes he's the only thing that keeps me happy #
  • @mollayyy wtf you talking about woman? You're adorable! #
  • hahaha, hey RSA! Craig's theme song came on my iTunes shuffle! :D #
  • @courtneylynne09 I totally read that as "this is the best thing"... #
  • and now the Highlanderz song came on. iTunes doesn't want me to come down from my Craig high... #
  • "My name is Angus, I'm handsome and rich but I don't mess with Bubbles cause she'd slap me like a bitch!"
    Stay awesome Craig! #
  • We are the Highlanderz, mighty and strong. We pack so much heat that our kilts are extra long!
    Hah, sorry the song's over so I can de-spazz #
  • @colleen_byrne Yah. I hope he realizes how much he's helping some of us by being the amazing person he is. #
  • @colleen_byrne They're epic. Such a plug for the Flex, haha #
  • So I bought two frames for the huge photos of Craig I found in my room..but the frames are too big! Gotta go back to the store tomorrow... #
  • I hate the Twitter layout, I want a nice background that isn't hidden! #
  • @Anna_RSA We humans were never supposed to understand cats #
  • @mollayyy B'aaaaaw, your Craig doodle is so cute! I want a Craig doodle :P #
  • @mollayyy
    That last sentence sounded way naughty. I blame the Simpsons Movie! #
  • @mollayyy Hmmmm, cafeteria food. So delicious ;) #
  • @Anna_RSA
    :D #
  • @mollayyy IKR I went to community college, I lived on Coffee Bean and bagels #
  • @Anna_RSA Nothing can suck if Craig's in it! It can just be cheesy! #
  • Anderson Cooper's so cute <3 #
  • @colleen_byrne Tim Gunn rocks. #
  • @Tresjolie9 It's from 95\96. "Maybe This Time" is the show...the kid is Ashley Johnson, don't really know who she is. #
  • @Tresjolie9 I remember that show, good times #
  • yay! I finally have a background that doesn't suck :D #
  • Hehe, the best kind of television! I don't know why but the caption makes me lol :) #
  • @WaveyCrocodile Do like Han in Star Wars and curl up in the carcass of your latest kill #
  • I'm really bored. Sitting here enjoying a chicken salad with POM is all good...but I'm bored!
    I'm also getting my hair done Monay :D #
  • @colleen_byrne It's one of my favorite photos of him....and I <3 all the photos I have of him #
  • @mollayyy He'sso cute <3 #
  • Gonna watch the Olympics #
  • @tresjolie. Yeah, peach white tea ppm juice #
  • @tresjolie9 and that is what I get for trying to reply to a tweet on a Twitter app. #
  • @WaveyCrocodile why thank you Wavey! #
  • @craigf_greatest eeeeeeee!!!!! He's so cute <3 #
  • Ugh, I can't stand Plushanko #
  • @MFLoyalBekah seriously, he needs to be knocked down a peg. I love the guy from Los angeles and the swiss guy #
  • @Tresjolie9 Heading over there now #
  • @waveyrancheros CHECK ZE TWEETS BB! #
  • @michaelnaidus It once took two days for a small hummingbird to get out of my room. I couldn't catch it because it was so fragile. #
  • I have the sudden urge to get up and do the chicken dance #
  • @monicarnsg I totally did...not chicken dance but #
  • @urockstar SSSSHHHH!!!! #
  • @monicarnsg Yay! It's always epic when he gets down and gets jiggy #
  • Wavyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy #
  • @MFLoyalBekah IKR? #
  • "You're deconstructing my deconstruction!" #
  • @michaelnaidus
    Jennifer Tilly is quite the character isn't she? I'm kinda like her, but I don't make it look as cool as her #
  • Night everyone, I'm going to try and do something productive before Craig comes on locally #
  • @waveyrancheros Are you west coast? #
  • @urockstar No worries, I'll be 27 in June. #
  • @colleen_byrne Mwaha, he's coming back on in just over a hour for me :D *\o/* #
  • ahhh, fanfiction. What would I do without you in my life? Oh yea, homework! #
  • @Tresjolie9 House fanfic :) #
  • @CraigyFerg
    I'm going back to Scotland next Summer. I've been to Edinburgh & Glencoe. Besides Glasgow can u recommend some places?
    Sara L.A #
  • @colleen_byrne He's said it himself, he does a show for east coast, one for central, etc etc :D #
  • Who is Selena Gomez and why is she spamming my tweet with disneypolls? Gtfo Selena Gomez :P #
  • @colleen_byrne Maybe I *should*! Then he would have to acknowledge me! #
  • @mollayyy Delicious! Nite bb! #
  • @colleen_byrne Nite! #
  • I'm quite positive that j weir is an elf or a veela #
  • @waveyrancheros ah ok. No worries on the delay :3 #

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