Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

  • without spoiling me, is tonight's show epic? It's Craig, it has to be epic! He's on in 30 minutes :D #
  • The group on #craigferguson is such a depeche mode rip off :p #
  • another pretty girl on his show. I should make #Craigferguson my thinspiration... #
  • I've gained a lot of respect to people who make LJ mood themes on a regular basis, I've been working on a Craig one since January, it's HARD #
  • @TomFelton
    Happy belated Valentine's Day to you! I went to the beach and watched hours of movies. #
  • ok, going to bed. I'm 90% finished with my Craig mood theme! Good night fellow #RobotSkeletonArmy taters! #
  • omg, WHY am I still awake!? Somebody take a mallet to my head, quick! #
  • what up RSA? Anything I miss? #
  • @rebtuck that's great that you called the box office for that person. Stay classy! :) #
  • RSA peeps! I need ideas on what to wear next week at the show! I'm a big gal but people say I'm cute so..ideas please! :O #
  • @WaveyCrocodile Was he delicious? #
  • @MFLoyalBekah Yeah, I need to work on a bone or two... #
  • @MFLoyalBekah It's not hard (teehee) when our leader is the amazing @CraigyFerg #
  • So I should be running errands but instead I'm socializing in the volcano. Priorities screwed up? NO! Love the #RobotSkeletonArmy #
  • @Maurice - Awesome! Soak up your awesome :D #
  • @MFLoyalBekah I should too. Maybe @CraigyFerg will let me sleep under his sink? I'm low maintenance :) #
  • @CraigyFerg has 91,459 minions now! Can Daddy's sexy dance be within grasp? #
  • @MFLoyalBekah Lolz, totally gonna ask him too #
  • @CraigyFerg
    Because of u our minds have been permanently stuck on "naughty & filthy" mode. Can we be your naughty pets? We're housetrained! #
  • Hey, what's my dirty RSA name? I need one! Things to consider: long time fan, local to him, willing to scratch out eyes to get in his show.. #
  • @MFLoyalBekah
    Well, since he's corrupted us it's only logical that he take responsibility. #
  • @MFLoyalBekah We've been bad, Daddy needs to punish us. Is it weird we call him "daddy" and we all have naughty thoughts about him? #
  • @CraigyFerg
    My birthday is in a few months. A bunch of us ladies are getting together, can we hire you for "entertainment"?
    Sara: LA, CA #
  • @MFLoyalBekah I thought so too, I just had to double check. #
  • I'm going through House withdrawals, no new episode this past Monday! I think it's a repeat again next week! I need my sexy Dr House! #
  • @MFLoyalBekah You're totally invited, haha. We'll pay him with food and "favors" #
  • @SexyCraigFerg Good question! #
  • @CraigyFerg
    The RSA is getting restless in the volcano. When do we start planning for world domination?
    Sara, formally LA now in the volcano #
  • It is my goal to A. get another email read out loud, B: get a tweet read, and C: have him tweet back to me like he's done a few times. #
  • @MFLoyalBekah Or 1000.... #
  • #RobotSkeletonArmy peeps! Which one of you is which over on LJ? I'm bad with remembering that, give me a LJ name shout out so I can place u! #
  • Ok RSA, going to run errands for the #DirtyCraigFergusonFamily
    Later! #
  • @michaelnaidus
    I just noticed that even though it's rained heavily here in LA lately, the studio wasn't leaking. Was it finally fixed? #
  • @Anna_RSA It's messing with you #
  • is back from her errends #
  • @Anna_RSA I <3 that movie so so much. Have you seen it? Craig bum! <3 #
  • I have decided I'm going to make the sacrifice and offer our glorious leader my fragile person for his every whim. For the RSA I'll do this. #
  • @Tresjolie9 A trick for us to know in the future perhaps? #
  • @monicarnsg Nice. I'm relying on you for my HP updates! I'm not active in the fandom anymore but I still <3 HP #
  • watching curling. I still don't understand this game but it's fun to watch #
  • @Anna_RSA Well now you'll have the joy of seeing it without the logo! It's so cute <3 #
  • so I think that once NY tickets go on sale a bunch of us should get seats near each other so we can spaz 2gether & then mob the stage door #
  • @mollayyy Yes! I've coordinated stuff like this before. I can keep an eye out then let people know where a good seating area is and how many #
  • @mollayyy
    Unless there's two shows, I think we need to sacrifice prime seating for a good dash to the stage door. On floor but off to side #
  • @mollayy Off to side so we can get to the stage door. If there's 2 shows we can just loiter during the one we dont' go to. /tweet ;D #
  • @monicarnsg I hate asshat doctors like that D:< #
  • I hope the NY show isn't in a massive venue. Smaller venues=better chance of actually chatting with him @ stage door #
  • - @alyankovic Haha, that's so great! #
  • @Tresjolie9 I don't know, the two shows I saw weren't. #
  • @Tresjolie9 Yep. A lot of the shows seem to be in a setting with tables and such, those are always fun #
  • @mollayyy If the NY show is set up like that we totally should! I was on the last table on the side front but he was near me lots #
  • @RadiatedJupiter It's the best type o fmode to be in! #
  • @Tresjolie9
    I was signally gonna go in May but I'm going to Boston instead (wedding in CT). I'll go to NY whenever his show is #
  • @Tresjolie9 we should make it happen! #
  • Another puppet! @YodelingMonkey #
  • @WaveyCrocodile - You've been flossing! #
  • @Late_Show - Aww! I love Ewan McGregor, excited for tonight's show! #
  • @RadiatedJupiter When's the CT show? Yay U2! I'm seeing them again in June :D #
  • @CraigyFerg
    What would happen if a t-rex and great white shark had babies?
    Sara, Los Angeles #
  • I should be doing homework! Instead I'm watching this adorable episode..
  • "You smell like lattes!" #
  • @monicarnsg I'll raise a glass of whiskey to you tonight. #
  • Remember to join the FB RSA group! #
  • Daddy is tweeting! #
  • @CraigyFerg
    It's always a party when Springer is on board! #
  • @urockstar True, we were the originals! We should rank high on the RSA, his First Command #
  • @CraigyFerg
    We, your loyal RSA minions, have been spreading the word of the #RobotSkeletonArmy. Reward us? #
  • @CraigyFerg
    When is the world take over Master? We're restless, we need a plan...and maybe a motivational speech from you?
    Sara, Los Angeles #
  • @SandraMG It's always a party here, he's like the guy with the lampshade on his head! :D #
  • @CraigyFerg I didn't even notice, might be because I'm dyslexic? You need to add more CA shows to your tour!
    Sara, LA #
  • @urockstar Oh yeah, I remember that! Omg, that's awesome. He read one of my emails two years ago, I was walking on air for weeks! #
  • @urockstar *brings it downtown*
    He's had a few "Sara's from Los Angeles" but when he started on my email I totally screamed. Woke my mom up #
  • @urockstar Woot! I'm Sara, no H from Los Angeles. :D #
  • @RadiatedJupiter Ah, shucks. I'm in CT in May, that's why I asked. I'm thinking of going to the NY show if not the Boston show #
  • @SexyCraigFerg Hahahaha, I think it's one of his greatest ones. It's still cheesy..ok so "bad" is the wrong word, I replace it with "cheesy" #
  • @waveyrancheros Stand corrected. Replace "bad" with "Cheesy". I do love that movie, I've seen it loads so yeah...sorry @CraigyFerg! <3 #
  • @SexyCraigFerg in the process :D #
  • @CraigyFerg
    Did you enjoy making The Big Tease? I love that movie, it's so cheesy and enjoyable to watch.
    Sara, Los Angeles #
  • now I want to watch that movie NOW....oh well #
  • @waveyrancheros Love the kilt scene..and when he first gets to the hotel and rocks out :D #
  • @SexyCraigFerg Yep! I'm a naughty RSA minion, our Master should punish me #
  • @waveyrancheros I made my friend watch it when we went to Yosemite. She doesn't fangirl but she said she would for him if she started. YAY! #
  • @SexyCraigFerg The line is all the way out of the volcano. We've all been bad. #
  • @MFLoyalBekah Omg want! #
  • Which shoes should I wear to the taping? or
    Opinions #Robotskeletonarmy! #
  • @waveyrancheros The black ones are pretty cool, they look like an oil spill! #
  • Haha, I was cleaning my room and went through a box. I found all my tickets...INCLUDING the one from Craig's show in Vegas last winter! #
  • #Robotskeletonarmy and #Dirtycraigfergusonfamily...they're my family! All hail @CraigyFerg and his aweomness #
  • @urockstar I gotta see him...Boston, NJ, or NY..I don't care! I'd be flying from LA anyway! #
  • @Anna_RSA Haha, thank you! They're very sparkly #
  • @Anna_RSA He is..and he reminds me of Malachai from Children of the Corn #
  • I just voted for check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • The Commander and Master of the Robot Skeleton Army at a signing for his book. #
  • @cartoondoggy SO CUTE! #
  • @urockstar
    Yah, I got to meet him twice and he's chatted with me while I was in the audience ^__^
    I'm the RSA member you <3 to hate #
  • I'm so in love with this photo manip #
  • I just voted for check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • I just favorited this check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • His Highness, The Cheeky Monkey of late night makes eye contact with all who talk to him. #
  • He smiles at me, made eye contact with me, and shoot my hand. All in all an epic day of greatness #
  • lolz, I meant to say "shook" my hand. How do you edit these things? :P #
  • just voted "Si!" on "Are you a member of the Robot Skeleton Army?" vote too ➔ #
  • just voted "Thriller" on "What song of Michael Jackson makes you get up and dance?" vote too ➔ #
  • @urockstar He does chat with us! He's awesome that way :) #
  • @urockstar His book is so so awesome! I learned a lot more about him. u should! We should totally go together, all RSA peeps stick 2gether! #
  • @urockstar airplane tix? Yah, it's hard to find decently $$ tix. I bought a RSA shirt I'm gonna wear next week! #
  • @urockstar Ah. Well, no not really. I watch the calender & grab tickets asap. I've always had luck getting them @ only once didn't get in. #
  • @urockstar It doesn't effect you getting them. It's just, somebody that watches the show would know Depp has nothing to do with the show #
  • @urockstar The others do, he dresses as the other three #
  • @urockstar It does help to get there really early, I'm always there at least 2 hours early, sometimes more :) #
  • just voted "Google" on "Bing vs Google" vote too ➔ #
  • @urockstar They send you an email confirmation with a link to your tix, you print it. Yah, cause they overbook you need to get there early. #
  • I just voted for check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • Daddy! #
  • @CraigyFerg
    HBC is so awesome, is she as nuts in person as she seems?
    Sara, Los Angeles #
  • LOVE HER! She's so cute and so crazy :D #
  • I just favorited this check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • @CraigyFerg
    I'm going to your show next week! I'll be the crazy girl #
  • @CraigyFerg
    You created a monster with this RSA, you could take over the world easily if you wanted to. What are your wishes?
    Sara, LA CA #
  • @colleen_byrne I ordered mine the other day, I hope it comes in time for next week! #
  • @JanBrittenOwen Hah really, we're all crazy. I'm the crazy one with the RSA shirt and Scotland hat! #
  • @ScottishConan - Awwww, Craig in a vest #
  • I'm not the only one that records every show right? I have a whole shelf of LLS show dvds! #
  • @ScottishConan - Are those old school Adidas? :D #
  • Driving into Vegas I look up and see that. Craig welcomes me to Sin City! I saw him the next night #
  • @ScottishConan - OMG! So so intense, voice acting is serious business! Love #Craigferguson #
  • Everywhere I go it's Craig! Needless to say, with THAT photo waiting to get into the show wasn't boring! #
  • @_sillylilly It's loading for's just being an asshat #
  • We gotta get #Craigferguson and #Robotskeletonarmy trending! #
  • While in Vegas I saw something just as cute as Craig! #
  • I'm having naughty thoughts about his hands #
  • Everytime you look in the mirror you're distracted by my rock hard white cliffs of Dover. sexy even bald! #
  • @urockstar Oh good grief now that image won't get out of my head! It's a sexy beautiful image but it'll haunt me forever now! :D #
  • @SexyCraigFerg I had a dream about him the other night. He gave me a hug <3 #
  • Retweet this if you find his nose insanely sexy #
  • @SexyCraigFerg I want a Craigy hug so so badly. #
  • @waveyrancheros Possibly, I love his mouth...but I go nuts for his nose, eyes, tattoo, hair....just give me the whole package! #
  • @SexyCraigFerg It's my goal in life to get a Craigy hug. It'll happen! #
  • Outside of Vegas you have insane beauty #
  • @waveyrancheros His hands too...and his ears (loves his ears when he's in the fountain)...and his large feet. i need a full size Craig postr #
  • @CraigyFerg
    Not only are the RSA girls thinking naughty thoughts about you, I'm sure some of the men are too! #
  • @Tresjolie9 There's an IJ latenight comm? #
  • @waveyrancheros Er..don't think so, I wasn't at the computer last night :x #
  • One of my other loves Dan Radcliffe December 08'. #
  • @urockstar ikr? I rarely twittered until @CraigyFerg joined! #
  • A piper in Edinburgh. I'm going back there Summer 11' #
  • @mollayyy I have an IJ but I'm never there. I can barely keep up with LJ, FB, and Twitter #
  • Check it out, it's Viktor Krum! :D #
  • @waveyrancheros UNF! So gorgeous #
  • @mollayyy lmao, those are creepy..that said I totally want a Craigy one. I'd hug it to death #
  • @urockstar He's the only celeb younger then me that I go for (also Jim Sturgess). All the others are older men, they're like fine wines #
  • Look at that hair. Don't you just want to run your fingers through it? #
  • @mollayyy I KNOW! #
  • Another Scot I'm crazy for #
  • @Anna_RSA It scares me D: #
  • I gotta get my Craigy folder ready for tonight's slumber party! #
  • @colleen_byrne I know! I usually don't watch Letterman but I'm making an exception tonight #
  • @Anna_RSA That's exactly why I'm giong. I was flipflopping before because it's dragons, once I found out Craig's in it I was sold #
  • @colleen_byrne I did! #
  • I found my old tickets to last year's show! #
  • This is Craigy Bear. Craigy Bear comes from a little shop in Edinburgh. #
  • Check out my Craigy Bear! #
  • I love my Craigy Bear <3 #
  • @Anna_RSA it's just that kind of day today. I did nothing productive but that's okay! #
  • @GregYaitanes Oh man now I'm really curious! #
  • @ScottishConan I meeped out loud when he said "Daddy's here" #
  • My heart belongs to Craig Ferguson but followed closely behind is the beautiful Hugh Laurie #
  • @urockstar g'nite! #
  • IKR? Like we didn't already know! Check out where I sat, sweeeet #
  • ok I'm signing off until the slumber party. Later taters! #
  • just voted "Si!" on "Are you a member of the Robot Skeleton Army?" vote too ➔ #
  • What's worse then a kitty fart? A kitty far followed by even more...point is, my cat Minerva has bad gas. Ick #
  • I love the ontd_lt graphix post. I love spamming with Craigy and I think my Craig project will be done by then! #
  • @Malinky2stoatir
    I gotta agree with @mollayyy. You do a service to the show & fans #
  • ASS MODE! #
  • @ScottishConan - Agreed @Mollayy and @sexycraigferg! Changing right now! #
  • @waveyrancheros Haha, when you say "ass mode" you gotta yell it! Yell it out, yell it proud! #
  • @ScottishConan WANT! #
  • @waveyrancheros Love love love that episode #
  • @waveyrancheros I know, I loved the marriage arc! He was so cute <3
    Also the nekkid strip one and the one with the tornado! #
  • @waveyrancheros Bahaha "Lewis, there's something wrong with your toilet!"
    Oh oh, and the one where he and Lewis get nekid and sing showtunes #
  • Oh my #
  • @waveyrancheros Darn you, now I want to watch DCS! I still have my old VHS tapes from when I taped them during the original broadcasting :D #
  • @waveyrancheros Yep I know, I've started making a DCS playlist..and I'm capping it for my Craigy project #
  • I LOVE YOU EWAN!!! #
  • @malinky2stoatir Gotta love those Scots x_x #
  • @SexyCraigFerg He's so delicious. I love it when my loves all congregate on LLS #
  • @waveyrancheros Nom nom #
  • @mollayyy I think I was in the first 1,000...can't remember...if not 1,000 then definitely 2,000 :D #
  • @mollayyy Yup! @CraigyFerg should hold a sexy party for us 0-2,500 followers. Pillow fights and melted chocolate. Y\Y? #
  • @CraigyFerg
    It's all good. All the MBs are awesome and Grant is the cutest <3 #
  • @mollayyy D: D: D:
    That Twilight pillow makes Craigy Bear cry #
  • @mollayyy I want a Craig pillow #
  • @karen__michelle YOU MAY JOIN THE SEXY PILLOW FIGHT! Followed by melted chocolate and Craig #
  • Changed my Tweety background! You can barely see most of this stuff because of the tweeting window but there' Craigy on the topleft! <3 #
  • @karen__michelle That's what I meant ;D #
  • @CraigyFerg
    Please don't get tired of Tweety. Think of the #Robotskeletonarmy! We all love you!
    Sara, Los Angeles #
  • @mollayyy I'm just happy I can see him <3 #
  • Let's do the fork in the garbage disposal! #
  • @MythBusters Buster's hot, always getting into harm's way for the team #
  • @Tresjolie9 Not to my knowledge, I'm just saying it. We dont' *want* him to get tired of it :) #
  • @stephenfry You shouldn't live in a cave. You should be out amongst the masses, spreading your loveliness around! #
  • @CraigyFerg
    Congrats on another year of sobriety. Just know you have fans out there that genuinely care about you <3
    Sara, Los Angeles #
  • @Anna_RSA Coooooool #
  • The Mythbusters are following me! I feel special :D #
  • @MFLoyalBekah *adds crissangel*
    Good evening! #
  • @ScottishConan Lolz, I actually did #
  • DADDY!!!! #
  • Cheer up Daddy, we <3 you! #
  • Jerry Springer looks like toothpaste #
  • @urockstar I usually call him "Master" haha #
  • just voted "No !!!!!!!!!!" on "Do you like Miley Cyrus" vote too ➔ #
  • @CraigyFerg
    You love America and America loves you! #
  • He's my favorite Scottish bitch! #
  • @CraigyFerg
    I bought a teddy bear in Edinburgh last year and I named it Craigy Bear #
  • @CraigyFerg
    I was watching a Drew Carey Show episode where you wore spandex. I think you'd look even better in it today! #
  • @urockstar I LOVED IT! I went to Edinburgh and the Highlands. I'm going back next Summer :D #
  • Awww commercials :( #
  • @urockstar Yeah, I also visited England and Paris for a day. Scotland was by far my favorite. I'm part Scottish, it was like coming home #
  • I want to get a tattoo of a robot skeleton..I won't though xD #
  • @SexyCraigFerg A wolf that flies? #
  • I have an octopus puppet! Maybe I should give it to Craig... #
  • My octopus puppet...I'm tempted on sending it to Craig #
  • @colleen_byrne So do I! And "Maa-sage" #
  • @ScottishConan :O #
  • OMG I love it when he geeks out #
  • @CraigyFerg
    I got this octopus puppet in Monterey. Want it? I'd totally be happy sending it to you :D #
  • @mollayyy ILU 2 BB! #
  • go away commercials, you bother me #
  • <333333 HBC! #
  • lmao, I have Coffee Bean coffee here Craig! I'll feed you! #
  • @CraigyFerg I love your gay Ghost Rider skull #
  • marsh-MAAlow! <3333 *fangirls* #
  • @michaelnaidus
    One word? I'll have to say...perky
    I love that you guys gave her hot chocolate #
  • @SexyCraigFerg Hear hear! #
  • Retweet this if you think @CraigyFerg eating is sexy #
  • omg a Wodehouse shout out from Craig!!!! #
  • yes, he has a big "head" ;) #
  • @MFLoyalBekah Great RSA minds think alike #
  • Night everyone! I might pop in and out but I'm basically logging off <3 #
  • mwahaha, I'm totally kicking my mom off the tv when lovely Ewan is on Letterman. Gotta record him! #
  • @mollayyy omgosh I agree! I'd love to do that but then I'd be copying :P #
  • changing my tweety pic back to snake mug. #
  • I want a tattoo so badly. Been wanting one for years and have a few designs in my head. I want to wait till I lose weight but it's hard :P #
  • @rebtuck Thank you very much! I couldn't see Craig in either of his CA dates so I'm thinking of flying back east for one of his shows :) #
  • @colleen_byrne Nice! I'll probably get some later on. For now I'm happy with the shirt :3 #
  • @waveyrancheros Sleep! It'll pass quickly and you'll be fresh for the monologue :) #

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