Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

  • is having issues with her project. So many photos of him that are positive and so few that are negative...or neutral. Ack! #
  • lol @SexyCraigFerg #iLoveitwhenCraig does anything at all! He's sexy and hilarious no matter what he does! #
  • @CraigFerg
    Hey Craig, do dinosaurs make out? #
  • #loveitwhencraig loses composure and starts giggling hysterically. #
  • @LolLioness Oh *hell* yes, if there's anything sexier then a Scot it's a brainy scot. #
  • @Monsie
    YOSEMITE IN MAY! CRAIG IN JUNE! It'll be an epic few months :D #
  • Love Craig in a kilt, yum! #
  • I just voted for check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • That was the best ending ever....My eyes were in danger of falling out by the end from being open so wid #
  • I just voted for check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • I just favorited this check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • I just voted for check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • I just favorited this check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • #iLoveitwhenCraig pretends to cry #
  • @WaveyCrocodile
    Oh Wavey, you sure know how to talk to the ladies :) #
  • "You smell like lattes!"
    That will never get old. Love the @CraigyFerg! #
  • #LovesitwhenCraig has Ewan McGregor on his show #
  • #LovesitwhenCraig has Hugh Laurie on his show #
  • @CraigyFerg So we don't have to go a whole day without a tweet from you! Your pal Wavy tweeted me today, he's quite the ladies man. #
  • @MFLoyalBekah Oh my, I remember that! I have that recorded much lolz :D #
  • @CraigyFerg
    That'll take up a lot of characters! But, you command so I shall follow Your Royal Chattiness.
    Sara, Los Angeles #
  • @craigf_greatest omg he replied directly to you! :O #
  • @CraigyFerg
    What's it like being a voice for an animated movie? I'm really enjoying your Dragon Olympic promos! Sara from Los Angeles #
  • @craigf_greatest I hope he directly replies, that'd be pretty epic #
  • I love that he calls us taters. I'm way more amused by this then I should be. <3 him #
  • @MFLoyalBekah Heehee!!! He did that all week, it was quite epic #
  • @karen__michelle He's always too adorable for words. I'm surprised I haven't exploded from all the years of watching his adorableness <3 #
  • @karen__michelle You probably wont. I've been watching for years and I've yet to die. I've popped and lost my voice loling but never died. #
  • Oh snap, @WavyRancheros, @CraigyFerg is calling you OUT! #
  • HEY HEY! #
  • I totally called @CraigyFerg dissing curling. I knew he would! #
  • colin firth is so darling #
  • @SexyCraigFerg Nope #
  • @monsie Aww, *hug* #
  • @CraigyFerg
    Are you going to be doing Fourth of July in Boston again this year?
    Sara, Los Angeles #

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