Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

  • @Kelness
    All Robot Army Skeleton minions should change their profile pic to show their support of their Master, His Royal Chattiness, Craig #
  • finally watched opening ceremony. kinda bummed that Scotland\England\Wales\etc didn't have their own thing..only under GB. Oh well #
  • @Kelness Yep! I'm ready to do his Royal Chattiness's bidding, whatever it may be. Our base is a hollowed out volcano in the Mediterranean #
  • wishes she had the talent and patience to make a gif mood mood theme of Craigy isn't animated but I still think it's pretty good! #
  • Haha, I hope Stephen DOES wear something low cut like @CraigyFerg asks! That's the show I'll be going to! *\o/* #
  • @monicarnsg Ooo yes. Man I'm glad you're caught up too! *\o/* *\o/* #
  • @Kelness Anybody can be a #RobotSkeletonArmy minion, just be prepared to follow His Royal Chattiness' every rule. #
  • wants to welcome @Monsie to the powerful Robot Skeleton Army. Meetings are held in the hollowed out volcano. @CraigyFerg is our kind Master. #
  • @LipSyncingScot I sure do, especially if Craig is the one reading it. I really enjoyed that book #
  • I'm thinking my fellow RSA minions are evil for retweeting @CraigyFerg. Keep on being evil my fellow minions. All hail His Royal Chattiness! #
  • @SexyCraigFerg Watch Drew Carey Show..or Olympics #
  • Even old New York was once New Amsterdam. Why they change it I can't say. People just like it better that way! #
  • @SexyCraigFerg Isn't it one the sexiest photos in the history of sexy photos? I love that whole photoshoot :D #

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