Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

  • 10:10 That's such a great picture of you two! #
  • 10:10 I just favorited this check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • 10:20 @GregYaitanes I'm thinking Jennifer morrison #
  • 11:31 @CraigyFerg
    Craig! Do dinosaurs make out? #
  • 11:35 I just voted for check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • 11:35 I just favorited this check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • 11:48 If a person with fantastic teeth gets turned into a zombie, why do they automatically have gross teeth? I would think it would take awhile! #
  • 11:52 @CraigyFerg
    I'm Sara and I'm another loyal minion of the Robot Skeleton army and proud member of #DirtyCraigFergusonFamily. #
  • 12:00 I should be doing classwork and instead I'm googling. I'm naughty #
  • 12:20 @tresjolie9
    I don't know whether he'll be amused or scared, haha. #
  • 12:20 @Kelness
    Yeah, I used to not tweet at all. Now I'm on it so much, just for one person! #
  • 12:36 @monicarnsg
    It's the Scottish Conan Guy. Him joining Twitter a few days ago has completely screwed up Twitter, his loyal minions are active #
  • 12:43 @CraigyFerg
    I really want to see your show Saturday but my little niece has a b-day party. It's okay though, I'm going to your show soon! #
  • 13:24 still doesn't understand most of Twitter. What is a Tweet trend? #
  • 15:11 @mollayyy
  • 15:15 Oooo, teeny earthquake! Itty bitty baby earthquakes are fun #
  • 15:20 @mollayyy
    Some of them feel like small trucks driving by...some feel like huge trucks driving by. This one felt like the latter #
  • 15:21 @Tresjolie9
    Eh, depends on the quake. I'd rather have a quake from 1.0-4.5 over a massive snowstorm. 4.5-5.0 is iffy and higher is SCARY #
  • 15:25 @Tresjolie9
    A really huge quake is awful. The last massive quake I've been in was 94', I remember it vividly. It was a 6.7, so much damage #
  • 15:28 @Tresjolie9
    Yah it was, I was 11. Our chimney fell into the neighbor yard and a bookcase fell on ME. Hopefully we won't get a one for a bit #
  • 15:34 while driving home from the Farmer's Market I totally saw a guy that looked like Craig, but with less silver in his hair. Almost jumped him #
  • 15:37 @Kelness
    Whoever it was, it was a fine example of the male form. YUM! #
  • 15:38 @Tresjolie9
    Definitely. One silver lining, because of the citywide power outage the stars were out with aggression. gorgeous #
  • 15:48 @karen_michelle
    Definitely not him. It was during when he'd be getting ready to get on stage. The hair was also too dark. Craig is SILVER :D #
  • 15:50 @kelness
    What the ef?
    And yeah..but then he'd help me and we'd get married. All would be well #
  • 15:51 @ArikaMM
    Just googled the magnitude of yours, that is a definitely a jolter! #
  • 15:53 @Kelness
    Met your husband because he looks like my celebrity love. Hit him with car, fell in love over glass shards and blood #
  • 15:54 @kelness
    Ah I suck, met your *FATHER* :P #
  • 15:58 @Kelness
    They're like Fry from Futurama! #
  • 16:01 @CraigyFerg
    Well, are your pants hideous? Tim Gunn would know these things! #
  • 16:01 That is amazing. I want a Tim Gunn boggle head! #
  • 16:02 I just voted for check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • 16:02 oh Craig I love you #
  • 16:03 @mollayyy
    Agreed! I'd buy a million and have them surround me...oh wait, that would be a bit scary... #
  • 16:06 @karen__michelle
    Removable kilt included #
  • 16:08 @mollayyy
    I KNOW! They have NOTHING for LLS. My friend in NM bought me The Mug, I should be getting it soon!
    I want LLS goodies! #
  • 16:09 @Kelness
    I'd hold out for the real thing but I think him and his wife are so CUTE together. Seriously, they're adorable! #
  • 16:16 @Kelness
    No bummer, he seems so much happier now that he has, what looks like, a really lovely marriage. Third time's the charm hopefully #
  • 16:17 @ddziuban
    Near Loma Linda #
  • 16:18 I love how you can always see this tat when you raise your arms #
  • 16:18 Tweety Bird is flying again #
  • 16:19 I just voted for check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • 16:19 @mollayyy
    Every time he raises his arms you can see it. It peaks out and teases us! #
  • 16:23 @mollayyy
    You can call the museum and order one! My friend said they told her they sold over 30 the day she came by :) #
  • 16:24 @westwoodking
    I don't blame you. I'd be going insane for DAYS. Hell, I went insane for days when I met him last year. I'm STILL going nuts #
  • 16:26 Is it February 23rd yet? #
  • 16:28 @SunnyAnni_84
    Soon his Army will be ready and we will have our first World Overlord.
    Is there anybody better for total world control? No #
  • 16:40 is heading to Aarons Brothers to get a frame for something she might share with the other Minions later :) #
  • 16:44 @royfe That's so awesome #
  • 17:41 Lol what's going on here? Ancient romans delivering emails to His Royal Chatiness? #
  • 18:13 Happy crowd is happy! #
  • 22:57 I still have a hour and a half until Craigy! What should I do!? #
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