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a real update!

I'm going to try and update more often, I feel like a bad LJ member!

I've been looking into airfare for the east coast. I'm going to a wedding in May and will be visiting DC for a week. I haven't been there in a long time, I'm really looking foward to it. I invited a friend with me, hopefully she can come.
We'll be staying in one of our timeshare properties, if we had to pay with money the five nights would only be about $500 total..that's insanely cheap.

After the wedding my mom and I were going to go to NYC but now we might not. I love NYC but I was just there last winter, I can wait a few years. On the other hand, I really want to go to a taping of The Colbert Report and The Daily Show. I meant to go last time but you might remember that I got really sick. I almost didn't make it to Equus! Thankfully I did.

Anyway, so we might go to Boston instead! I haven't been to Boston in over a decade, I'm really hoping we do that instead. I love Boston, it's so culturally and historically rich! We might also visit family at the Cape, that'll be nice.

I'm going back to Yosemite either in May or June with my soul sister. We already booked with my time share for the beginning of May but if something opens in early June then I'm going to swipe it.
I originally wouldn't have minded even going later in June, being there with my friends for my birthday. I thought about it though, Yosemite is insanely busy from mid-June to late August. It's like a city..and it's a small valley, I think I'd get pissy seeing my park filled with so many people. So only early June.
Instead, I'm going to go to a taping of The Late Late Show the day before my birthday (birthday is Saturday). Jay Leno did something special for the audience member with a birthday when I went in September (yay Hugh Laurie!). Maybe Craig does something too...hehe. I don't even care who the guest is, it could be Dick Cheney for all I care! Speaking of, I'm still totally going to try and get in later this month for Stephen Fry. My friend Kelli might join me, she'll have to put up with my fangirling before and after! I'll be getting there at least two hours early. Stephen Fry is a god among men and I suspect it'll be a popular day. If I get in it'll be my fifth time going to the show! :D
Oh good grief, I promised myself I wouldn't start a fangirl post about him. I swear, I think my love for Craig has surpassed the insane amount of love I had for Dan when that was at it's peak. I still love Dan...but he's my younger celeb crush. Craig and Hugh are all man, I love them equally for different reasons. Oh good grief, I think I'll stop fangirling now. :D

Umm, I'm saving up for the UK again. I'm going to go next summer, I need to go back to Scotland so bad. I plan on going there for three weeks this time so I have to start saving now. Well, technically I started saving as soon as I got back last year but now the saving is more aggressive. Before I just put a little away, now I'm putting my entire monthly checks away and only buying things I really need (sexy shoes an exception). I plan on going to Scotland for two weeks and England for one week. I'm going to go back to some of the same places but I hope to travel to new areas. I plan on going back to Stonehenge and Lacock. I really loved Lacock, it's so quaint. When watching Jeeves & Wooster the other day I totally recognized Lacock as a filming location! I kept thinking "I was there!". I also plan on doing a lot more in London and maybe going to Liverpool. In Scotland, I'll go back to Edinburgh and the Highlands but I also hope to visit the Isle of Skye, Glasgow, and the western Scottish coast. My desire to see Scotland again is so great that it actually aches, I felt at home there. I'm part Scottish (and part Native American and possibly German) so it was a little like going home. Edinburgh and the Highlands, I was in heaven for the week I was there. I'm sure seeing more of that beautiful country will be emotionally powerful for me.
I was originally going to do another HP Fan Trip..but I don't know. I had a lot of fun, I really did. I met some great new people, some who I'm still chatting to now and consider them friends. On the other hand, I'm not as crazy for Potter as I was and I think I could find other multi-day tour packages. I plan on traveling on my own at points but traveling with a package tour is really convenient..especially on the wallet. I think the only reason I'd go again is if the HP trip does something very special or if any of my HP Trip friends did it again too. Who knows, there might just be something special going on since it'll be during the very last movie release. Even if there's no HP Trip for me, the three week UK trip will still be on. I also have a goal for that, I promised myself I'd lose at least a hundred pounds before the trip.
I think I might re-post some of my UK photos to bring back memories. I hope that won't bother anybody :)

I'm still figuring out how to get my foot in the door of the NPS. I'm looking at any part time job right now but my goal is still with the NPS (or Forest Service or Fish & Game). I signed up for online classes this semester. I'll be on the east coast for over two weeks, online classes are the only logical step. This helps make room for going back to Yosemite and volunteering as well as finding a job.

Anyway, I have a few new LJ friends. Every time I get some new LJ buddies I always do this meme. So, new friends, feel free to participate! Old friends, feel free as well!
Feel free to ask me three to five questions of your choosing! You can ask me anything and I'll answer as truthfully as I can. They can be silly questions relating to my fandom interests or personal questions. I'm an open book! :)
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