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Tonight's House

I knew it was Mr. Sprinkles!

I really liked this episode. My mom was going on about how House was being a bigger dick then normal but I saw through him like Wilson did. I knew of his benevolent plot xD

*lolz @ Cuddy knowing about them living in the condo*

Eeee!!! Two bathing!House scenes in one episode! Nom nom nom nom

I did get pissed when I saw the cut on House's cheek and when he tripped him. YOU COULD HAVE SERIOUSLY HURT HIM! I like Mr. Sprinkles but if House got seriously hurt I wouldn't have hesitated to blacklist him for life! Sabotaging the safety rail and then tripping him? That's so so low! Also, completely destroying everything they own? I'm so glad the piano wasn't in the apartment yet, that's a few grand right there! What about the guitars and the vinyls House collects? What about Wilson's stuff? So wrong. I thought the pranks would be harmless, they so weren't. Yeah...I don't think I quite care for Lucas anymore :(
What are the odds that this episode prompts some fics where House gets more hurt when falling in the tub? Or being tripped? I WANT TO SEE THESE FICS!

I'm looking forward to the Cuddy episode. If it's half as good as Wilson I'll be happy...though that's doubtful since that episode is one of my all time favorites. I'm still looking forward to it :)

Btw, if you want to be on my House filter let me know! Click here to see a filtered post. If you can't see it then you aren't on the filter, so let me know! :3
Tags: fangirl squee, house, hugh laurie
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