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House episode stuff....nothing about real life here!

Eeeee!!!!! I love House\Wilson prank wars, they always make me laugh.

Plus House in a tub is always a beautiful thing ;)

I couldnt' decide whether to use my House prank icon or nearly nekkid House...but I chose the latter.

As for tonight's episode, the POTW freaked me out! I felt really sad for her husband, he's so desperate for her love that he's willing to live with it even though it's fake. I'm...not glad, but I suppose relieved that she did what she did at the end. She did him a kindness in the long run, hopefully he'll find real love.

I also felt bad for House. No matter how many months of therapy he's had, he still can't confront things that need to be confronted. He needs resolution with Cuddy so they can both move on. Not only is he hurting her but he's also hurting himself. It really sucked that Mr. Sprinkles was there at the end, they could've started closure but House will not make himself vulnerable if Cuddy's new man is there as well. Him repressing it by going back and giving the man the check made me really sad and the expression on his face broke my heart. It was a mixture of sad, resigned, and lost. Poor House...resolve your issues with Cuddy...and Wilson too for that matter! *wibble*
Tags: fangirl squee!!!, house
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