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I have way too many House icons, oh well :)

Another post on Yosemite coming I promise! I was just adding 6537363564 House icons to my LJ when I saw some new promos for this Monday's episode!

I shall share :D

I gotta say, Thirteen's grown on me quite a bit. I definitely prefer her over Cameron, I didn't really like Cameron the last few seasons. Oh Chase, I miss your hair but bb, you still look darling! Also, please don't let him rebound with Thirteen. She's getting over a breakup too....o_o

Awesome picture is awesome!

My icon kills me, so much sexy time going on x_x

I'm going to be making a House fandom filter. I did it for Harry Potter and I did it for South Park, it's about time House get one! I know some of you would rather not read my fangirl babblings. So, if you want to be on the filter let me know :)
Tags: fangirl squee!!!, house, this is not a real post
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