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Yosemite post

I'm going to try to type this up in one sitting but I don't know how that will go. Yay ADD. :p

Anyway, my trip to Yosemite was wonderful! I made sure I went to bed fairly early (midnight) since I would be driving for a long time. That didn't work out. Sure I slept but it wasn't a good sleep, I was up and down all night. I think I finally crashed at 4 but, of course, I had to get up by 7 so I could pack the car up.
Anyway, I headed to the airport. I wanted to get there earlier to just wait at the cell phone lot but I kept forgetting things so I kept having to run back in the house! Finally, I was on my way and only ten minutes into my drive my friend calls me. Of course I'm still about 15 minutes away from the airport! So I get there but I forget to get in the correct lane to go to the curb and end up having to circle the airport. Five minutes later I spot imonsie and pull over. We load up my car and we're on our way!
We head out to the valley to surprise her mom, who she hasn't seen in a few years. Of course we get lost which is really quite sad when you think about it. She grew up in the Valley and I was familiar with that area since my brother lived nearby! We finally pulled over and I called my mom. She gives me directions and we're on our way again. We get to her mom's house later then I wanted. Much squeeing was had by her mom, it was cute and very lovely. We spent about 20 minutes with her. We would've spent longer but I had just realized I left my Yosemite rental papers at home. We wouldn't have been able to get into the house at Yosemite! D'oh! So we have to cut the visit short and drive back to my house, basically backtracking 60% of the trip from the airport. I run in, grab the papers, and dash back out. It could've been worse, it was just 15-20 minutes of backtracking. I figured, we're in the area so let's stop at Coffee Bean. Two raspberry mocha ice blends later we're back on the road. I had set the GPS up on the dashboard with the attachment it comes with and head to the freeway.
I go to pick up my drink and the flipping lid falls off! I try one handed to secure it back to the cup but I bump the GPS charging cable which triggers the damn GPS to fall off the dashboard and into my drink! It splashes me, it splashes the car, and it splashes Monsie. We're not even on the freeway that gets out of the city and already things are going crazy! Of course Monsie and I bust up laughing and I need to pull over because the laughing has triggered my coughing (which caused us to laugh even more!). After securing my cup's lid and putting the GPS in a nook under my radio we head to the freeway.
Finally, we're on the freeway! We head back towards where her mom lives and then pass that to drive north. I had picked Monsie up a little after 9 and it's not noon, lmao. I wanted to be out of LA by noon, see how that works out?

We're now safely on the freeway and we're settled down from the earlier bouts of insanity.

The Tajon Pass outside of Los Angeles. Boy am I glad our trip wasn't this week! The weather on the west coast is nuts, absolutely nuts! The Tajon Pass and the Grapevine were actually closed due to flooding! My street was flooded too, if my car was parked in the street it would've been up to the car door. Crazy, I fear for the people in the hills (La Canada Flintridge for example)

I'll continue the story tomorrow. I'm falling asleep and feel that's a good place to end the story. Ok bed, I feel like I'm getting sick again. x_x
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