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sexy time w\men meme

What a great post for this icon!

1. Bold the names of guys you'd definitely sex it up with.
2. Italicize the names of guys you might do after a little persuasion.
3. Leave the guys who don't do anything for you alone.
4. Put a question mark after the guys you've never heard of. (I might recognize their face, but I don't know their names)
5. Strike the guys you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.
6. Add four more guys to the list.

I don't know a lot of these names
1. Russell Howard?
2. Criss Angel
3. Robert Pattinson
4. Jeffrey Dean Morgan?
5. Hugh Jackman
Definitely not as Wolverine, but he looks nice in a suit
6. Brad Pitt Legends of the Fall or Interview with the Vampire Brad
7. Jared Padalecki?
8. Taylor Lautner
9. Jackson Rathbone?
10. Robert Downey Jr.
11. Jared Leto
12. Adam Gontier?
13. Christian Kane
14. Michael Welch?
15. Jensen Ackles?
16. Michael Shanks?
17. Misha Collins
18. Ryan Reynolds
19. Andrew Lee Potts
20. Lee Pace?
21. David Tennant
22. John Krasinski?
23. Rupert Grint
He's a cutie
24. Justin Chambers
25. Ed Helms lolol
26. Patrick Dempsey
27. Johnny Depp
28. Bradley Whitford?
29. Paul Rudd I had such a crush on him in Clueless
30. Cory Monteith?
31. Dominic Monaghan
32. Zachary Quinto
33. Jon Hamm
34. Josh Holloway
35. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
36. Taye Diggs
37. Allan Hyde
38. Hadley Klein
39. Alexander Skarsgard?
40. Sam Worthington
41. David Boreanaz
42. Sam Trammell
43. Ryan Kwanten
44. Neil Patrick Harris
45. Adam Lambert
46. Michael C. Hall
47. Matthew Morrison
48. Chace Crawford
49. Robert Carlyle
50. Milo Ventimiglia
51. Chris Pine
52. Tom Cruise Only if he looks like Lestat :B
53. Joshua Jackson
54. Ewan McGregor NOM NOM NOM
55. Robbie Williams
56. Oguri Shun
57. Orlando Bloom
58. Zachary Levi
59: Raza Jaffrey?
60. James Murray
61. Jonas Armstrong
62. Logan Lerman?
63. Karl Urban
64. Arthur Sturridge
65. Henry Cavill
66. James McAvoy
67. Matthew Perry
68. Lucas Till
69. James Marsters
70. Julian Mcmahon
71. Seth Green
72. Tom Sturridge
73. Ben Whishaw
74. Aaron Marsh
75. Louis Garrel
76. Matthew Goode
77. Anton Yelchin?
78. Bradley James
79. Peter Doherty
80. Boyd Holbrook
81. Gaspard Ulliel
82. Carl Barât
83. Jim Sturgess
84. Hugh Laurie
85. Craig Ferguson
86. Dan Radcliffe

87. Jesse Spencer

Seriously? How could Hugh and Craig (and Dan for that matter) not be in this list before?
Om nom nom nom

Jesse Spencer isn't so much gorgeous as he is adorable...

On the right next to Hugh...and speaking of Hugh, I'm loving that shit eating grin. Oh Omar, why so gangsta and Olivia has an unearthly beauty. I've got a girl crush on her xD
Tags: eye candy, meme

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