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I almost coughed up a lung from laughing and squeeing so hard! Who saw it!? *spazzes out*

So they moved together during the last episode. They both have the hots for a neighbor lady, Wilson wants to date her and House wants to do her. Neighbor chick thinks they're gay. Despite Wilson's denials she just thinks he's in the closet. House decides to mess with Wilson and get in the lady's pants by going with it. He buys a massive A Chorus Line poster and invites her to a "Evita viewing party". He has a picnic with her, rofl.
House and neighbor chick go out to dinner and House is like "why can't he just express it?"
Wilson comes in and interupts. He goes really loudly "I love this man!" and takes out a ring box. He gets on one knee and asks House to marry him. House: O_O
Neighbor chick leaves and Wilson closes the ring box, House is pouting.

So much awesomesauce!

House comes clean with neighbor chick who then just thinks they're both a-holes.

The show ends with them watching sports on their couch.
Wilson: I hate this couch
House: It reclines!
Wilson: *starts singing showtunes*
House: I will seriously punch you in the face
Wilson: I'll stop if you get rid of the couch
Wilson: *continues to sing*
House: @_@

Boy the people involved in the show weren't joking when they said the Hilson fans would be over the moon! I was over the moon and out into the farthest reaches of space with my glee!

I still think I love the "Wilson" episode more...but this episode is just amazing :)

Now that I think about it...I hope FOX isn't screwing with us. The stereotyping was a bit annoying but even so I laughed so hard during the scenes and I still like them...but looking at it from another angle, I really hope this isnt' FOX mocking the H\W fangirls. That would be cruel...I also hope it gets deeper emotionally, not just fun things like this episode. Another Wilson type episode is what I really want.

OMG, that episode left me in tears of laughter. My mom, who watches House with me, had to get up and pound the wall she was laughing so hard. OMFG!

Downside? I have to wait two freaking weeks for the next one!

I look forward to icons xD
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