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December meme day 28, my year

Day 28 → This year, in great detail
Oh good grief, in great detail? That'll be difficult. January was a pretty cool month, I know towards the end of that month we'd have a new president and it would be historical. I knew I'd get to watch history in action and I knew I'd be able to tell my nephew and neice about it in years to come. It was absolutely amazing. February was pretty good. The only cool thing that happened was that I went to las Vegas to see Craig Ferguson do stand up, that was pretty awesome. Oh, also in February I made up my mind and paid for the trip to the UK. Classes and temporary jobs and saving for the UK the next few months. In July I went to Europe! England, Scotland, and France. I was there from July 4th and came home the 20th. I spent one day in Paris, five days in Scotland, and the rest of the time was spent in England. I fell in love with Scotland and vowed to return there for a more in depth trip one day, hopefully sooner rather then later. I visited the Louvre, Stonehenge, London, Bath, the Highlands, Loch Ness, etc etc etc. I met new people and made new friends, both with the HP tour and the day tours I took on my own. I also watched Michael Jackson's memorial in London and braved the hail in London to go to the HBP movie premiere, didn't see anybody except for one of the Phelps twins and even then I was too paranoid to take my camera out in that hail so I didn't get any photos. Oh well! I also met Stanislov Ivanski (Krum!).
Later on in the summer I took a trip to Cambria and Monterey with my mom. We haven't been to Cambria in awhile so it was lovely going back. I saw a lot of erosion of Moonstone Beach which saddened me. In Monterey we went whale watching and saw two transient orca pods hunting some seals, it was awesome!
In September I was in the same room with two of my celebrity crushes! I went to the Jay Leno Show as a guest of one of the lighting guys and I was in the same room as Mr. Hugh Laurie. I didn't meet him (tragedy!) but I was in the same room with him...and he played the piano! I was in the same room with Hugh Laurie when he was Mr. Music! AHHHHHHH!!!!! Then, about a week later, I was in the same room with Craig Ferguson! He had written his autobiography (America On Purpose, go read it!) and was doing book signings. He chatted with me for a full minute, yay!
I had classes and finally made my mind up on my life's path, working with the NPS or something that's just like that.
In October I went to see U2 at the Rose Bowl. Epic concert was epic.
I decided I was going to take my very dear friend imonsie on a trip to Yosemite and I wasn't taking "no" for an answer! The trip isn't until next week but I made the plans in 09' so I'm counting it! Oh, and I got a new niece this year as well and had to put up with bullshit from both my brother and my mother.
On the guy front, I've had some hideous days. I was with a guy for two weeks before finding out all those questions he asked me were just out of curiosity and not because he was looking for a serious relationship, he just wanted sex. He didn't get it. I had two good dates this year but neither of them went anywhere.
The year will probably end on a depressing front, I couldn't get tickets to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy unfortunately so I won't get to bring in the New Year on a swinging night. I'll probably with my mom and aunt again, oh well. Maybe next year -.-

A few other little blurbs of the year:
~We had a winter holiday party that was really fun.
~There was a crazy ass fire in the LA area that burned for a long time.
~I almost got in an accident with two hummers this year. One hummer ran a red when I was making a left turn and the other hummer ran a stop sign. A Honda Civic two-door vs. a full size Hummer..odds weren't good for me if we collided.
~Much drama with Adam and mom.

Too lazy to do an epic pic spam like I planned. Oh well...

Station Fire, it was insane. Not the greatest photo of the fire but I took it from the freeway on the way to Spamalot

Sometime in May I think. Ministry of Magic and Alex from The Remus Lupins. It was an awesome show.

I met this man and I actually was able to hold a conversation without babbling like a moron.

A week before I met Craig I was in the same room with this gorgeous man. Craig is gorgeous too but Hugh Laurie? That's one fine specimen of an older gentleman!

July 4th, London!

July 5th, Stonehenge

July 6, Paris...specifically, the Louvre. I need to get back to Paris, I only had about three hours there! That's nothing!

July 8th, England. Specifically, Northumberland with box_of_sorrows! It was a great day, thank you again Lee! :D (oh, this is Warkworth Castle)

July 9, 10, 11, and 12: Scotland. Edinburgh and the Highlands

This reminds me, I need to get back to posting the rest of my photos! I still have a few from London and Oxford :B

Monterey, California.

Lastly, I got a haircut this year. I cut about 8 inches.

Before (yay makeup)

(I'm getting it done again this week)

Day 29 → Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30 → Whatever tickles your fancy

Unrelated but sexy icon is sexy x_x
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