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December meme day 19

Day 19 → A talent of yours
Photography. I'm not an expert at it but any means, I consider myself an amateur photographer. I also don't know the technical details of photography. When looking at lenses it's difficult for me to understand the numbers. That's why I can't buy things like that online, I have to be able to see the lens and see through the lens. Measuring light and knowing every little doodad on my camera is also something I don't know that well. I use my eye. I judge the light with my eye and I look at the colors of whatever I'm taking a picture of. I experiment with the settings until I find one that works for the scenery. It works for me and I think I'm pretty good at capturing the beauty in the world.
I was going to post just general photos that I really like. Instead, I chose to just one photo from my trip to the UK

The North Sea in the town of Tynemouth in Northumberland (Northeast England). I love this picture. The dark rain clouds, the light sky, the choppy water, and the overall gritty look. A minute after this photo was taken it started to rain.

Just, fyi. The icon is another one of my photos :p

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