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Thank you all for the lovely holiday LJ gifts! It makes me hungry for cookies <3

Oh hai animated House mood theme! How I've missed you <3

OMG, I'm reading a HP fanfic! What's so 'omg' about this? Since late August I haven't read a single HP fic. I've been reading Zelda (TP and OoT), South Park, some House, and even Three's Company fanfic (yes, it exists!).

Got any good recs for me since I've missed out on a few months of HP fics? H\Hr and H\D are my OTPs but I'll take anything as long as it isn't H\GW (unless the G stands for George)

My hands are blocks of ice and Yosemite got a few feet of snow. I'm hopeful for my trip! :3

This pointless post brought to you by

Hugh Laurie Mr. Sexy In The Pants
Tags: fanfic, house, this is not a real post
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