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Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Thanksgiving Personality is Social

Thanksgiving is one of your favorite days of the year, and not just because of the food.

While you enjoy Thanksgiving dishes as much as anyone else, you really live for being in one room with the people you love.

You look forward to Thanksgiving for many months, and you're tickled to see each new person walk through the door.

You cherish every moment you spend, and you wish the day could go on forever. The people you spend Thanksgiving with make all the difference.

Yep yep

Hah, a date with my cousin. I picked him up at school and we went back to my area to a nice Italian restaurant I love. He loved it too, that made me feel smug since it's hard for him to say "I love this food!". We caught up, it was lovely. Usually we're with the family so we took advantage of having this privacy. He won't be quite as busy in a few weeks (still crazy busy though) so we're making tentative plans for a full day together. See 2012, get food (Apple Pan!), maybe shop..
Oh, I also got my hair trimmed and dyed yesterday. Brownish red. It isn't my favorite dye job but I like it. I also didn't have time to sit under a dryer to get my hair curled so I just let him blow dry it.

*droools* I've been ready for this game forever, we're finally on the home stretch to release! This game looks epic, the graphics are just seamless and look at that lovely gore!

Yay, Thanksgiving is tomorrow! It's one of my favorite holidays. Not only for the food, but also the family. I love seeing the family. This Thanksgiving looked like it would be depressing since it seemed like it would be just mom and me. That would be bearable if we were out of town but we couldn't get anyplace we both agreed on. Thankfully my Aunt Sherrie is coming as is my Uncle Gary and his brood. My second favorite cousin is his son so it'll be nice to see him. I already invited Garrett (the cousin) to see U2 with me next June, he accepted. Woot!

I procrastinated on my holiday cards but I finally ordered them. They're not personalized cards of any of my photos this year. Sorry ;D By the way, if you want a holiday card it isn't too late to give me your address! You can give me your address here, you'll also find my mail address.

I'm on a Zelda kick again, it will eat hours of my life. Oh well, there could be worse things I'm doing.

I've been applying at various parks across the country. I'm trying to stay west of the Mississippi though, at least for my first job. I'm seeing a lot of tour guide jobs that will train me, but I'm also seeing a lot of desk jobs. I don't like desk jobs but I know I might have to have one with the NPS before I can get out there and work in a park. It's okay. I've been applying mostly in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, and Washington. Plus Yellowstone (Wyoming) and Kodiak (Alaska). Keep your fingers crossed that something will bear fruit!
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