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90s survey

The 90s
Created by lillygurl678 and taken 1001 times on Bzoink
This or That: Music
Aqua or Ace of Base?: Ace of Base
Marcy Playground or Barenaked Ladies?: Marcy Playground
Alanis Morrisette or Fiona Apple?: Alanis Morrisette
Beastie Boys or Bloodhound Gang?: ....omg....Beasties...but I'll take The Right Touch song by BHG any day!
Offspring or Blink 182?: Offspring for sure, love those guys
Jewel or Lisa Loeb?: Hm...Jewel, only because I like more then one of her songs
Filter or Incubus?: Oh come on, Filter was way before Incubus! I like Incubus...but Filter
Blues Travelers or Counting Crows?: Blues Travelers, Counting Crows annoyed me
Chevelle or Godsmack?: Neither
Goo Goo Dolls or Live?: ...I like both....Goo Goo Dolls even though I'm a sucker for Lightning Crashes
Dave Matthews Band or Hootie and the Blowfish?: Ick, neither
Cake or Blur?: Cake : )
Rage Against the Machine or System of a Down?: They're both pretty good....I guess RATM
Alice in Chains or Jane's Addiction?: Alice In Chains for sure!
Bush or Oasis?: Bush
R.E.M. or Moby?: R.E.M.
Garbage or Four Non-Blondes?: Garbage!
Lifehouse or Gin Blossoms?: ...Gin Blossoms!
Red Hot Chili Peppers or Soundgarden?: Omg, that's hard....must I choose? :(
Marilyn Manson or Orgy?: I used to looove MM but now I'll choose Orgy
Rammstein or Rob Zombie?: Rob Zombie
Mighty Mighty Bosstones or Reel Big Fish?: They're both awesome...but I'll go with RBF because I saw them live
Third Eye Blind or 311?: 311 :D
Everclear or Eve 6?: Everclear for sure
Fatboy Slim or Jamiroquai?: Kamiroquai!
Everlast or House of Pain?: Everlast
Merril Bainbridge or Natalie Imbruglia?: Natalie
Melissa Ethridge or Merideth Brookes?: Merideth Brooks. Her song "Bitch" is one of my anthems
Vertical Horizon or Vervepipe?: Vervepipe
Those Things:
Did you own any CDs?: Omg, are you kidding? This was before iPods. My CD collection was massive
How many cassettes did you have?: OMG, so many. I used to tape songs off the radio...and I also recorded some KROQ shows like Loveline hahaa
Did you watch Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball after school?: Sailor Moon...Dragon Ball was after me
How about Saved By the Bell or Fresh Prince?: YES! These shows are definitely my time. Loved them
All That on SNICK?: YES!!! I loved the librarian and the Frenchmen in the tub from All That...and Are You Afraid of the Dark on SNICK was my Saturday night drug
Kennan and Kel?: Hmmm, I think I watched it
Who's your favorite Rugrat?: Angelica
Did you have a GI JOE or a Transformer?: Transformer and Thunder Cats
How about a Barbie or Ken?: Yeah, both
Did you love waking up on Saturdays to Cartoons?: Yes, it's the only reason i'd get up early on a weekend
How about Saturday night with Cow and Chicken and Dexter's Lab?: Not Cow and Chicken but I do like Dexter's Lab
Did you love your cheap plastic lunchbox with that popular character on it?: I did!
How about those trips to the bank or store with your parents?: I remember those. They looked bigger then they were
Did you love to touch the candy while waiting in line?: Duh
Do you remember when Game Shows were like reality TV?: I do...DoubleDare, Legends of the Forbidden Temple, Guts....Oh I miss those shows
Did you absolutely hate that orange couch in your grandparent's house?: My grandparent's couch was yellow and white...and I took it when Grandma died so obviously I like it
Do you remember the first time you got on the internet? Wasn't it amazing?: I do! I remmeber my first AIM friend..a nice teenage boy by the name of Chance. He was hot
Your first illegal download?: Porn :p
Remeber the Dungeons and Dragons movie?: Duh
Or Hackers?: omg :D
The Mortal Kombat series?: Yes
Or the cartoon version of Sonic?: Yes!
This or That: Entertainment
Sega or Nintendo?: Nintendo...Zelda!
Sonic or Knuckles?: Tails
Mortal Kombat or Tekken?: Tekken
Mario or Luigi?: Mario
Mario with the feather or the fireball?: Feather :)
Doom?: YES! I still play those games. Doom3 sucked
Final Fantasy or Myst?: Myst
Pound Puppies or Beanie Babies?: Pound Puppies of course! Beanie Babies were when I was a tween
Furbies?: Haha, those scared me...and yet, I had one
These things: Movies: Do you like them now?
Addams Family?: I haven't seen it in years...but it has Christaphor Llyod!
A Nightmare on Elm Street?: Freddy's awesome
Zoolander?: Don't like it as much...but I do like Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller
Schindler's List?: ...............that movie haunts me :(
Titanic?: I hated it at first becuase I was interested in Titanic's history way before the movie...but I do love it now...
Shawshank Redemption?: Sooooooo gooooood
Forrest Gump?: One of my favorite movies
Se7en?: Haven't seen it in years
The Matrix?: Nah
Braveheart?: I liked it but now I know it is soooo inaccurate
Goodfellas?: Meh
The Sixth Sense?: Love it :)
Pulp Fiction?: Part of that movie was filmed at my Grandparent's house..that's all I really care about
The Nighmare Before Christmas?: It's pretty good
Fight Club?: Nah
Clerks?: YES!
Dazed and Confused?: Meh
Edward Scissorhands?: Not as much as I used to, it's kinda boring...but I still <3 Johnny Depp
Princess Mononoke?: Er? Had to google that. It looks like anime, I didn't really like that stuff (still don't)
The Lion King?: OMG YES!
American istory X?: love that movie
Toy Story?: Yeah, it's alright
Jerry Maguire?: Nah
Sling Blade?: Meh
Saving Private Ryan?: It's good
Do you remember the first movie you ever saw?: No...I remember the first horror movie I saw in was Arachnophobia :)
Little things:
Do you remember school talent shows and dances?: I do, those were sad
Do you remember PE and all it's glory?: Ack, I remember having to run a mile
Do you remember your first crush?: Yea. A Boy named Daniel....or my first celebrity crush; Jack Tripper
Do you remember JNCOs and PACOs?: Aren't those the massive jeans?
Remember Tye-Dye?: Haha, yes
Remember CD players when they were cool?: Yep
Remember when times were so much simpler?: Yeah :\
Don't you wish we were still like that?: Yes! :\ :\ :\
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
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