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2012 ftw! - Robot Skeleton Army Minion #1983 — LiveJournal
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Fri, Nov. 13th, 2009 04:36 pm
2012 ftw!

I just got home from 2012, it was amazing! I'm a major fan of THe Day After Tomorrow and other disaster movies, I watch that movie a few times a year. 2012?

It's nearly three hours of epic awesomeness. There's many scenes that made me either cry, go "woah!", or just sit there in awe. Here's a few scenes...

~THe total destruction of Los Angeles. In DAT we see it get hit by tornados and then covered in snow....but it's still there. The tornadoes got a lot of the buildings but the entire city wasn't obliterated. In 2012 is is. Everything is gone, and it sinks into the sea. I see Library Tower in Downtown go as well as Century CIty. I see the Randy's Donut roll across the street and I see the freeways fall. I had a bit of a flashback to the 94' quake during that scene but these was nothing like that of course. There's a movie; 10.5, it's a made for tv movie that stars Beau Bridges, it's really good and really cheesey. LA is gone, basically the entire west coast oc California is gone and Barstow has ocean front property. This is worse, I cried a little during that scene because that's my home. It's an amazing scene but there was some lol'z. The star Jackson (John Cusak) takes his family in the limo he drives and rushes to Santa Monica Airport (better then LAX!). He drives through a collapsing building and just makes it from a freeway overpass that's inches from crushing them. They fly out in a little two engine plane and fly through buildings (probably saw that in commercials). It's kinda amusing that they get out of there but of course they have to since it's still the beginning of the movie!

--Yellowstone. Of course this would be in that movie! THe Yellowstone volcano! I know it'll blow, it's overdue....it's geologically overdue. Meaning, it might happen in thousands of years but that's still a blink of an eye to geological time.
ANYWAY, I'm getting off tract. Yellowstone, omg! I loved how they did the explosion, I see it happening like that. You picture Yellowstone just blowing up without warning, but I don't think so. I think the ground would bulge and geysers would act as vents...and then it would blow. I think there would be the moments of the normal volcanic activity before the cataclysm. Ok, I'll give them escaping Los Angeles in the plane...but Yellowstone? LMAO! NO! If they didn't get hit by a fireball or the pyroclastic cloud then they would've gone down from the ash in the engines! Yes yes, I'm nitpicking, I always do that. Doesn't mean I can't still enjoy the movie or the silly scene in question! I loved the Yellowstone scene, it was amazing.
ALso, Woody harrelson is made of win.

--Destruction of the Vatican. Not because of religion, but because of the culture and history. It's the Vatican! Seeing the bishops looking up at the Sistine CHapel and then it coming down and then seeing St. Peter's Basilica and the entire Vatican crumbling to the ground, and seeing thousands of people who were praying there fleeing, it made an impact.

--Destruction of Washington DC. The USS John F. Kennedy smashing into the White House and the Washington Monument crashing down, wow. Good bye President Glover (he stayed behind).

--Seeing the animals being airlifted, giraffes and elephants. I just hope they got the "less important" animals and not just the animals people love. What about the sea animals? The whales and sharks? I'm sure they were effected because of the surging seas. Sharks are survivors, animals are survivors, I'm sure life will find a way.

--The Tibetan holy man ringing the bell of peace up in the Himalayan monastery while watching the tsunami come at him. That was...wow

There were other scenes but those left me going "wow". My mom thought the space ships would be spaceships, if theu were though I would be very disappointed, for a few reasons. A: My inner geek would be screaming about how we couldn't pull off that technology. Creating these massive space ships and having the technology to colonize the moon or Mars (or even just float in those ships in space for years). We couldn't do that in three years. B: It would've taken the easy way out. C: I don't like the idea of humanity abandoning Earth...it's Earth! :p
Instead they used arks to float in the seas.

There was a Russian guy in the movie that you thought was just okay at first...but then he turned into a complete douchebag. He did redeem himself slightly by saving his two twin boys and then dying himself.

There was wtf moments of course, parts where my inner geek was lol'ing over the silliness of it all. Like I mentioned above, Yellowstone. THey would never have made it out of there. Also, the guy getting the doors of the ark closed and them not getting smashed into Everest.

Of course there's also the parts I thought were very realistic. Charging a billion Euro to get a seat on the ark? So true of humanity. Yes, the money went to fund the making of the arks but it's the fact that they would turn people away because they didn't have the money. Greedy. I'm glad we kept our humanity though and that nice scientist talked the powers that be into opening the doors for the people outside.

I think, for my last piece of this totally unnecessary post, I'll make a list of disaster movie cliches. Feel free to add!
~The President of the USA makes a speech, talking about how we are all united. There's usually scenes of people watching in Times Square, or maybe it being broadcasted internationally and you see people listening to him on radios in Jerusalem.

~Well known landmarks being destroyed. The White House, the Vatican...
I'm actually quite surprised they didn't have a NYC devastation scene with the Empire State Building, or the Hollywood Sign. Instead of NYC we had DC and instead of the Hollywood Sign we had Randy's Donuts.

~Celebrity cameos, whether the celebrity himself is in the movie or you have a look-a-like. The Governator saying the worst is over (then BAM!), the Queen and her corgis, etc. I was like "why not the Princes, why her?" Mom made a good point about that. The Princes wouldn't make the visual impact that the queen would. They're just two handsome young men. She's the Queen, with her outfits, her hats, and her corgis.

~The really wonderful person and their dog. In Day After Tomorrow we had the homeless man and his border collie. In Armegeddon we had that black NYC guy and his little dog (I think it was a pug). In this we have that Russian woman and his little dog. She died, but she saved her dog.

~Lastly, we have the "they shouldn't be able to escape that, anybody with logic would realize it but...they're escaping!" haha

There was something different though. Usually, if there's a family feud, they make up before the shit hits the fan. Not this time. The cruise ship entertainer, and old gentlemen, called his son too late. He got to speak to his (adorable!) granddaughter but Tokyo was devastated before his son could pick up the phone. That was pretty unique...and realistic. I liked that even if it broke my heart (the old black man talking to his son on the phone also made me sad).

Anyway, to sum up this post, see the movie! Especially if you like disaster movies where things you love get destroyed.

I need a 2012 icon!

I thought I liked the movie more then DAT but now I know better. DAT came on tv the other day and it reminded me why it's my favorite of these disaster movies; acting. There's good actors in that movie. 2012 has the glitz of epic effects but the acting was bland. I love 2012 but DAT is still my favorite.

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Agent 27
Sat, Nov. 14th, 2009 12:45 am (UTC)

YES! I'm a major lover of DAT, it's definitely my favorite (well, now second favorite) disaster movie and I love it despite the silliness (killer frost!1!11!)

Actually....DAT and 2012 might be equal, I'd have to see 2012 again before I can say if it's better then DAT or about equal.
THe effects are definitely obvious and epic but it's still a good fim...John Cusack was alright, heh. I preferred this big black guy who is an entertainer (if you see the movie you'll know who I mean)

ReplyThread Parent
Sat, Nov. 14th, 2009 02:04 am (UTC)

"In this we have that Russian woman and his little dog. She died, but she saved her dog."

So explain this. The dog doesn't die? No dogs die? Yes, this is pretty much all I care about.

I hate John Cusack with a passion. But I want to see this movie so badly. I didn't know it was out yet. I thought it came out the same weekend New Moon did and I was all conflicted since we're obviously going on opening night to see NM. I guess we'll have to see 2012 this weekend then!...providing you explain this dog situation to me, hahaha.

Edited at 2009-11-14 02:04 am (UTC)

Agent 27
Sat, Nov. 14th, 2009 07:43 am (UTC)

The lady drowns but she shoves her little through the closing door to the little girl, the dog lives.

Yeah, I'm not fond of him either. Despite his bizarre "acting" the movie was wonderful.

ReplyThread Parent
Sat, Nov. 14th, 2009 02:38 am (UTC)

So. . . you liked it?

Agent 27
Sat, Nov. 14th, 2009 07:44 am (UTC)

I loved it :)

ReplyThread Parent
Sat, Nov. 14th, 2009 10:49 am (UTC)

lol. I got it. :)

ReplyThread Parent
Sat, Nov. 14th, 2009 07:16 am (UTC)

Was it depressing and sad at all, would you say? D:

Agent 27
Sat, Nov. 14th, 2009 07:45 am (UTC)

It was sad and a bit depressing, seeing my hometown get destroyed, that kinda depressed me. I did really enjoy it though.

ReplyThread Parent
Sat, Nov. 14th, 2009 10:29 am (UTC)

It was depressing and sad, yeah, because you got to see a lot of people die you got attached to over the course of the movie... like any good disaster movie.

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