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Last day of the Potter tour, second to last day of my UK trip

On the morning of the 18th we headed to Paddington Station to take a train to Oxford.

In Oxford we toured the school and then headed to Christ Church. So many filming locations, so much beauty!
Man, I was walking the entire trip, hours of walking. It wasn't until Oxford that I almost started crying from it though. It wasn't any more walking then before but those cobblestones really messed me up, I actually still have pain in my ankles from it now. Whenever I get up after being off my feet a bit I actually have to hold on because the pain is just awful. Mom thinks it's heel spurs, I don't know..she wants me to go to the doctor. I guess I should...the pain isn't as bad as it was a few months ago though. There's still pain but it lasts about 15 seconds now instead of a full two minutes.
There were times during the walk I actually got to the point that if anybody talked to me I wouldn't burst into tears, it was awful. It tainted Oxford for me just a bit, but I'd still go back.

Oh look, the train's coming!


More to come! These are teasers, mwaha
Tags: fangirl squee!!!, uk trip pic spam
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