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1. What year were you born?

2. Where did your parents live when you were born?
The house I grew up in and still live in (hopefully for not too much longer)

3. Did you have any older siblings or a twin?
Did? I do have an older brother

4. What was your first word?
Don't know, probably 'ma' or 'NO!'

5. What did your parents name you?
Sara O_o

6. By the time you were two, did you have any toddler buddies?

7. What was one of your favorite toys when you were a toddler?

8. Are you able to remember anything specific from when you were a toddler?
I remember trying to take a bottle out of my grandma's dishwasher, playing with blocks with my brother, and playing with my dad's briefcase

9. Did you go to preschool? If so, where?
Yes, at a Hebrew preschool. We were split into various colored coded rooms. I was in the Yellow Submarine!

10. Were you rebellious or well-behaved as a young child?
In the middle

11. Did you see more of your parents or your babysitter when you were this age?

12. What was a favorite treat of yours?
Don't kow

13. Were you able to tolerate horror movies as a four-year-old?
Possibly, hehe

14. Did you have a new sibling by the time you were four?
My brother is older then me

15. Were your parents still together at this point in your life?

16. Did you lose any family members by the time you were five?
My Bubbie (mother's side)

17. Were you able to read in Kindergarten?

18. Who was your first grade teacher?
Umm...don't remember

19. What kind of car did your parents have?
My mom had a Nissan Maxima wagon and my dad was driving some sort of Ford

20. Did you have any new pets?
New pets? Well besides the current stock I had aquired some Purim carnival goldfish (Queen Esther Condor) and a rabbit named Flopsy. The other animals were already there...

21. Were you allowed to play in the neighborhood?

22. Who was your best friend in 2nd grade?
Gabrielle maybe

23. What kind of music were you listening to at this point?
Pop probably

24. Were you a talented math student?
Hahaha, no

25. Which relative was your favorite?

26. Who was your third grade teacher?
I think Miss Walls

27. Any new(er) siblings?

28. What was your favorite holiday and why?

29. Which parents was the most strict?

30. What was your favorite subject in the fourth grade?
Probably science

31. Were you beginning to form your own opinions about the world around you?
For sure

32. Did you enjoy reading for leisure?
Yes, I'd rather read then play on the schoolyard

33. What did you do for your tenth birthday?
Uh...I might have had a sleep over

34. Who was your fifth grade teacher?
Mrs. Shultz

35. Did you get bullied at all?
Not a whole lot

36. What was one of your favorite TV shows?
ren and stimpy < Iawtc

37. Did you play any sports?
Handball and tetherball

38. Were your middle school years slightly awkward?
Hell yes, I lost my best friend (not Gabrielle) in middle school and changed schools three times

39. Did you have to move during these years? If so, where to?

40. Did you begin dressing differently? How so?
yeah...I embraced the whole "grunge" look a few years too late. And then I started wanting to be all gothy by the time I got to eighth grade because I got way into marilyn manson and korn and all that shit.

41. Who was your favorite middle school teacher?
Um, probably my English teacher in the 8th grade, Steve.

42. Did you win any recreational or academic awards?
I was part of a robot building team and we won, I still have my NASA shirt! I wasn't heavily involved though. Those robot competitions with fighting robots, remember?

43. Did your parents try to spend adequate time with you?
I suppose

44. Did you feel like you had friends to turn to if need be?
Not really. In 6th grade I lost my best friend and only had very mild friends during that school year. In 7th grade I had a pretty good guy friend but we weren't close, we juts shared interests. In 8th grade I followed the two popular girls. They were nice to me (well, one was) but I don't think I was truly their friend. I did have two "good" friends in the 8th grade though, Marissa and Aaron. I don't talk to them really anymore :(

45. Did you ever get suspended or expelled?
I might have been suspended once

46. Did you experiment with drugs and/or alcohol?

47. Any new(er) siblings?

48. What kind of music were you listening to?
Nirvana, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, Hole, Foo Beatles, U2. Basically any "grunge", "punk", "goth" music.

49. What kind of people did you surround yourself with?
People that I felt liked me alright. I was pretty solo throughout middle school

50. Which high school did/do you attend?
Linden Center. I screwed up middle school and was put into that kind of place...for "messed up kids". Me being messed up just counted missing days because I slept too much (I was super depressed because I lost my friend)

51. If you have not yet graduated, which grade are you presently in?
I graduated in 2002

52. Have you noticed a change in you ideas/thoughts since beginning high school?
Of course. I was still dependent on needing people's approval to be happy. Now, not so much

53. Are/Were your parents supportive of you during those/these rough years?
Yes, but it was getting tense.

54. Who was your best friend upon beginning high school?
I didn't have a best friend. I never relaly let myself get close to anybody after I lost my best friend. It took years, years to get to the point where I felt like I could trust again. My childhood best friend didn't die or screw me over really, she just drifted away from me. My mother hated it and for years I did too a few years ago I came to the conclusion of just people growing out of other people and I forgave her (she didnt' really need it though). Anyway, I did get a close friendship with two boys, Pedro and Dustin. I miss them :(

55. Has that changed since?
I haven't talked to them in years. Pedro might have moved back to Brazil...I don't know their last names! I can't look them up. Dustin and I used to roleplay Zelda!

56. Did you have any boyfriends and/or girlfriends?
I went on three dates with another good guy friend Jay. I didn't work out but we still chat once in a blue moon.

57. Which subject did/do you naturally excel in most?
English probably.

58. Which subject were/are you the most interested in?
Science and English

59. Did you have to change schools at all?

60. Are you part of a clique?
My school had just two cliques because it was so small; the popular kids and everybody else. I was part of "everybody else"

61. Would you consider yourself to fall under a specific label (goth, prep, etc.)?
I would probably labeled myself as "grunge". I was still dressing up in grunge :)

62. Did/Do you experiment with drugs and/or alcohol?

63. Did/Do you have an unfair curfew?

64. If you have already graduated, would you go back and do it all over?
YES! I'd start over in middle school and tell myself not to use food as medicine for depression. I balooned after 6th grade and I never lost the weight. I would tell myself to get summer jobs to help my future self and I wouldn't fuck myself over and end up in a "messed up kid" school, I'd go to Hamilton High and be "normal". Yeah, I consider my middle and high school years to be completely messed up, I'm ashamed of it.

65. What is your favorite memory of your high school career?
Probably playing football (soccer) with Pedro. He was goalie and I was defense. We'd chat while playing, it was fun.

66. What are your plans thereafter?
I'm still in college.
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