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Around London

Still more photos around London!

First off we have...

Kings Cross St. Pancras Station! I got to Paris from St. Pancras and Edinburgh from Kings Cross. For Harry Potter fans, it's definitely something in the movie. Not only Kings Cross but the exterior of St. Pancras. Can you recognize this building from the movies? Harry and Ron take off in the Ford Anglia from in front of St. Pancras. Very cool :)

Platform 9 3\4! These were two guys that joined up with us when the London HP Tour started. I didn't relaly talk to them but they seemed nice. Man, I like how this photo came out!
You can see a photo of Platform 9 3\4 here. Also, you can see a photo of me trying to get through the barrier here!
The actual Platform was filmed, not between 9 and 10, but I believe somewhere around the 6th or 7th platform. I really don't' remember. All I do know is that later I found out that I walked right past the actual filming spot when I was going to the train headed for Edinburgh!

Lastly we have this building. The pockmarks were caused by shrapnel in WWII. The history buff in me was excited to see this. That whole area has damage, I guess England decided not to fix it so they'd remember? I don't know
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