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London bridges

Here's a few bridges from my River Thames cruise :)

London Bridge...well, one of the reincarnations of London Bridge. It is not the original (yes, London Bridge as in "London Bridge is falling down my fair lady")
Another London Bridge was bought by the US and is now at Lake Havasu, Arizona. You can pay to go across it. I drove through Lake Havasu to get to my hotel in Arizona last year...we refused to pay to cross a bridge. I believe this is the fourth London Bridge. The first was made of wood, then in 1209 the stone was was built. After that granite bridge was built (currently in Arizona). This one was built in 1973 and is made of concrete.
The London Bridge that's currently in London is pretty boring to the eyes.

This is the Southwark Bridge, opened 1921

This is the Blackfriar's Railway Bridge

Lastly, we have...

Tower Bridge! The most recognizable bridge in London and one of the most recognizable bridges in the world. It's right next to the Tower Of London. I'll have some more photos of Tower Bridge later on, from my last day in the UK.
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