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I'm sorry I haven't really updated (pic spams dont' count).

A few things have happened over the last few months and my mind can't wrap around everything. So I'll just update with what is foremost on my mind.

I'm going to Arizona for Spring Break. I'll probably stay in Flagstaff and go to same places I went to last time. I'll meet up with the lovely imonsie since she's my best friend and lives there. I might take Ben, it depends on whether he can go (or even wants to go).

Next May I'm going to Washington DC and Connecticut for a wedding. Well, the wedding is in Connecticut but I haven't been to DC in over a decade so we're (mom and I) are taking a week to do DC. Hopefully I can meet up with friends for a day or two to take in the sights.

Lastly, I'm going to Yosemite this January with my best friend (imonsie). She'll fly in from Arizona and I'll drive us up there. The drive, ick. It'll be over 5 hours. It'll be worth it though.

Ok, that's trip stuff. Not really an update on my life huh?

Nothing important has been going on. I'm still going to the gym and I'm still walking. Everytime I lost some weight I get in a massive fight with mom and eat too much, it doesn't' really help. I've been looking into moving (again). I'd love to move out of state, or out of this part of the state. I thought I things holding me back my cousin. I was in the mind frame of "well, he's finally in LA so I shouldn't move until he's done with school" know what though? Screw that logic. I haven't seen him since I got together with him and his family before he started school. I'll probably see him once or twice every school year. Why should I limit my range possible places to live for somebody I never see? I love the guy, but I never see him. It's like he's not in California at all, he could be in Oregon for how much I see him (or talk to him).
So, I'm not going to limit my range. I'm going to look at Central California, Northern California, Oregon, and Arizona (Flagstaff!). That should make some people happy...and some people pissed.

I'm also looking into getting a job with the USGS or DOI (United States Geological Service & Department of Interior). I can still go to school but I'll have a federal job in department I like. It's hard as hell to get jobs with DOI and USGS but here's hoping!

Boy news? I keep attracting people that don't click with me, either for mild reasons or for outrageous reasons. Is it to much that somebody that's even mildly compatible with me express an interest in me?

I suppose that's it...
I hope you've been able to see my UK photo posts! I'm almost done with that, I only have a few more days.
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