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Epic concert

Was epic! It was crazy crowded too! It didn't take long getting there, a hour and five minutes. Not bad considering! Black Eyed Peas were pretty awesome! They announced a special was Slash! He performed my favorite Guns N Roses song Sweet Child O' Mine with the BEP. I was singing and bopping, it was awesome!
U2 were fabulous of course. They sang Walk On for the president of Burma who has been under house arrest. During the show about 100 people came on stage wearing masks with her face, it was simple and yet very powerful.
They played all my favorite songs except for my number one favorite song; Pride. I was so shocked! I was so bummed they didn't play it. Oh well, I they performed it when I saw them a few yeras ago for the Vertigo tour.

The concert was fab! Getting out though...First yuo had to wade your way through the mob to get to your car. People were waiting for the shuttles (I'm sure most of them are still waiting three hours later!). It took about 30 minutes after getting down out of the stadium to make my way to the car. Then it took another hour to actually get out of the lot! I was a bit wary actually, I had forgotten my GPS. I don't like to rely on it but if I'm lost (or if it's dark and I'm in a place I'm not 100% comfortable in) I like knowing that I have it. But I didn''s okay though, the traffic took me to Old Town Pasadena where I was able to get onto the 110. Once on the 110 it took me 25 minutes to get home, very sweet.
I'm so hyper! AHHH!!!
Who saw it on YouTube? I'll try to catch the re-broadcast. Supposedly they're going to release this as a concert dvd, sweet.

Here's a few photos. I'll post more later on, maybe...


Cell phones are yesterdays lighters at concerts...

Crazy ass crowd!

Omfg, my brother has aged!!
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