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Lacock...and a major filming spot!

Isn't that just a great name for a village? :D

Lacock is a tiny village, it isn't on all maps it's so small! It's also a major filming location for many period pieces (Pride & Prejudice was filmed here). If you take away the cars you get a great old English village. In fact, the renters of the houses have to put satellite antennas in the chimney, the government wants to keep the charm of the village :)

I actually took the photo this way because I didn't want a bunch of heads in my shot. I actually like how it came out, just the tops of the houses and the blue sky.

Look at that awesome old wood frame!

Holy crap! It's the Potter's house in Godric's Hollow where Voldemortkilled Harry's parents! Why yes, that was a major squee point of the day! Definitely the highlight of the village of Lacock (followed by the homemade strawberry icecream!).

There was more filming locations at the Abbey though, which I will start posting tomorrow...Lacock Abbey!
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