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Gloucester Cathedral Cloisters...filming locations

Various Hogwarts scenes were filmed in the cloisters at well as the Lacock Abby cloisters. The most recent filmed there was the scene of Harry and Ron watching the firsties in the sixth movie and McGonagall calling them to task for having "too much fun" (loved that scene!)
Other scenes were filmed there which I will point out :)

The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir, beware. That was written on this CGI ;)

Me looking behind a pillar like Harry and Ron do in PS\SS. This pillar is also in HBP where Harry overhears Malfoy and Snape talking!

Myself! I'm playing the troll, this is the corridor that Harry and Ron see the troll go through :D

I figured this icon fit since the background are the cloisters at Gloucester. Remember, there's a number of movie screencaps I linked to if you want to see the scenes :)
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