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Highlands :3

For the life of me, I can't remember the name of this moor. It's southeast of Glencoe I think. Beautiful isn't it?

This is definitely the Glencoe area. The Glencoe photos I took a few days prior are more bright because it's earlier in the day then this, heh.

Glencoe area again.

More Glencoe photos to come later today, or maybe tomorrow. Then perhaps one more Highlands photo before moving on to another day.

I'm trying to think of a place to go for Winter Break. Someplace that won't break my budget since I also want to go somewhere for Spring Break (and I'm going to ask my cousin if he wants to go, probably pay for him as well).
Anybody got any suggestions for someplace for Winter Break that...
a. Will probably have snow
b. Not a major skiing area, I want snow and trees and nature
c. The roads don't usually require chains (I understand that circumstances can change)
d. Or, if not by car, then a fairly cheap flight away from LA? $150 maximum for roundtrip tickets

On that note, got any suggestions for Spring Break? I'm more willing with the money for that. I'm thinking of Arizona or perhaps Yosemite. The only requirements for that is that the place is really close to a decent hospital by car (two hours max) or that the place (a national park?) have helicopter access to a hospital. That's the beauty of the Grand Canyon. You're close to Flagstaff and, if needed, there are helicopters there that can fly you to that hospital.
Oh, also preferably in the west (no further east then Colorado).

Man, it's getting cold here in LA! Usually it's mid-October before it gets this cold! Maybe we'll actually get some snow this year! Heh, yeah right. We have gotten snow here in LA before! Not just the hills, although it did snow in the higher elevated areas as well as desert areas (Lancaster) two years ago. About ten years ago I woke up to see my front lawn covered in white! Granted, it lasted thirty minutes but...still! :p
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