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Highland photos! And I thought I was done with them ^_^

Here's some more Highland photos! I actually have enough pictures for maybe...three more posts :)

The Glennfinnan\Glencoe area. You can see a viaduct in the background, it's the not the Glennfinnan Viaduct though.

Glennfinnan area again

An old house or something? Glennfinnan area again...

Zombieland kicks so much ass. I went in thinking it would be a stupid zombie movie, it sure looks like one of those "stupid for the sake of stupid" horror movies from the trailers. Coming out though, I highly enjoyed it. Bill Murray cracked me up xD

Also, South Park season premiere tomorrow night! It has Ike and Kyle...yay! If an episode has a lot of Kyle it's guaranteed to be good :3
Tags: south park, uk trip pic spam, zombies! nom nom nom
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