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More Highlands photos....Hagrid's Hut!

Here's some more photos of the Highlands

Just a nice green hill

This is where Hagrid's hut was in Prisoner of Azkaban! That grove of trees is where it was nestled against, the Dan and Emma were probably in those trees during the scene where they see themselves. You can see a behind the scenes image of the hut and those trees here. I didn't go up the hill but a few of the other members of the group did and said they saw some old steps carved into the hill, it was probably also from PoA. In fact, it's probably from this scene. You can tell it's the same hill :D

This is a different angle of the same general area, there's part of the group pretending they're the Trio going down to Hagrid's hut! Here and here are other shots from the movie. That was definitely a highlight of the trip.

Just a really pretty shot of the Highlands.

I went to the Star Wars Concert last night! It was so awesome, Anthony Daniels was there narrating and I got my photo taken with Darth Vader and Storm Troopers!
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