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Black Lake at Hogwarts and other Highland photos

Loch Sheil, location of Hogwarts! Ignore the monument and picture the Durmstrang ship and the Beaubaxtons carriage heading towards the horizon. Yep, it's the Black Lake! This is also the loch that Harry and Buckbeak fly over. The rest of the group walked up a hideously steep hill to get a nicer view. I tried but made it half way up, it was too hard for me..especially after a three mile hike. By the end of my trip I was upset about that hike. I was thrilled that I walked it with no issues of breathing or anything but I was upset we took that hike. That was our Highlands day, the day we were to see this Loch, Glencoe, and other viewing locations (Hagrid's hut). We saw them...but because of that hike I didn't have the energy for that climb up that hill to see a beautiful view of Loch Sheil and the Glenfinnen Viaduct (the train bridge in CoS). I feel cheated a bit...and that hike was over a hour, we only got 10 minutes at Loch Sheil and Glennfinnen. Bleh! Well, I'm going back in 2011, I'll spend more time in that area. (there are three links embedded in this description of the Loch)

The Glencoe area ^_^

One more of Loch Shiel
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