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yay, Craig!

After classes let out for the day I headed to Barnes & Noble at The Grove, which is basically across the street from CBS Television City. I tend to park there when I go to one of his tapings, but that's not really important to this story.

So I went to the bookstore and loitered around the area with his book, I read a few chapters and chatted with some fellow fans.
Craig came in at 7 but couldn't stay long since his dog had gotten sick. His german shepherd ate something in the backyard so it had to go to the vet. Craig told us he was heading straight there after this. Craig would've read a chapter from his book but of course he was in a rush, he did read the his author bio though. He still signed our books, which was kind of him. A few people around me grumbled how he should stay longer but I thought he was right, it's his dog after all! Anyway, I took as many photos as I could before going up there for my few minutes of joy. He was very kind to me when I went up there and I'm proud to say I didn't melt into a puddle of goo at his feet, that would've been quite awkward. The first thing he said to me was "I like your pendant, it's very sparkly!" I was wearing a shiny necklace, I guess it grabbed his attention! Hee! I told him that I had visited Scotland that summer and he asked me where I went. I told the locations I visited and he chatted with me for a full minute about how beautiful those areas of Scotland are! He also made eye contact with me as he talked to me, which I thought was great. I've met a few people at these sorts of functions and not all of them will bother to look at you. It just shows us another reason why craig is so amazing. By this point he had to wrap it up, books to sign and dogs to visit you know. He flashed me his charming smile and thanked me for coming. I thanked him for taking the time to meet with his fans and wished his dog a speedy recovery (that earned me another smile!).

I definitely have to say that it was a complete joy meeting him. Being a long time fan and then meeting the man and being reminded why you adore him is a nice feeling.

Aww, I love this photo. He looks all pouty :)


Lmao, it's funny but he kinda does look like Liza Minelli xD

Making eye contact with each and every fan.

As well as shaking their hands. He shook my hand, so very awesome! :D

I love his salt and pepper hair.

Hell yeah!
Tags: craig ferguson, eye candy, fangirl squee!!!
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