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More Highland photos, all people!

Here's a bunch of people.

What better defines Scotland then a Piper next to a Loch in the Highlands? As we were getting back on the coach the Piper started playing Amazing Grace. monicarnsg and I started to spazz out :)

Bye Mr. Piper!

Another Piper, this one is at Glencoe. Glencoe is, so far, my most favorite place in Scotland.

The Loch Ness Monster looking happy as a clam because she's back at in the Highlands

This is after the epic 3 Mile Hike Of Epicness...I'm damp because it started to rain and I didn't even have my jacket. I was more worried about my Rebel then myself. I'm back in Glencoe here! What is up with the ass touching in the back? O_o

Why oh why don't I have Scotland icons? I suck at life
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