Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I saw the "good" Doctor!

My mom and I drove to Burbank to be a part of the audience of The Jay Leno Show. It was fun, it's so awesome seeing the behind the scenes stuff! Hugh Laurie was his usual charming and dry self. He also played the piano, I was enjoying myself. You think his gaze in photos is intense? Try being stared at in person! He gazed at every section of the audience, piercing!
Jay came out before the show to talk to us and warm us up, then the warm up comedian warmed us up even more. I've been to a taping of a show, The Late Late Show to be exact. It's about the same but there's differences that I was interested in. Jay's studio is pretty big and Craig's is teeny weeny. Still, Jay's studio has an intimate atmosphere, not like David Letterman's studio, which is just massive!
Hugh was sexy sexy sexy! Poor dear is losing more hair again, but he doesn't care. He said in an interview that he's 50 years old, of course there's going to be evidence! Good on you Hugh, for not wearing a tacky hairpiece!

Afterward my mom and I waited for David, the family friend who got us the seats. He took us backstage and showed us nifty things. We were walking in the hall and he said "these are the dressing rooms". I looked at one that was open and the door said "HUGH LAURIE". Meep! I walked by his dressing room! We then walked by Jay's private gym and his dressing room. He showed us the switches, the lights, the sets, the two electric cars for the racing, the race track itself, etc. He also showed us Jay's parking space and we saw the car he drove today, sexy thing which I couldn't remember the name of. THen he took us onto the set you see on the show and I sat in the chair that Hugh Laurie sat in! I had a bit of a spazz moment. We would've been able to meet Jay himself except he had to run to catch a flight to Vegas. Next time. David said I can contact him whenever I want to go on the show and if there's somebody I really adore, he'll try to get me to meet them. He tried with Hugh but Mr. Laurie was in a hurry so that didn't work out. I dropped hints about a certain English gentleman that plays a magical boy hero ;)
If Dan is ever on the show (which he probably will be) I'll ask for three or four tickets and if any Dan fans in the area want to join me...woot!

I had a good time...except when we walked outside, 105! It's hotter in the west valley though, I couldn't imagine what Woodland Hills would've been like...109 maybe? Ick
Tags: eye candy, hugh laurie, television
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