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Last of the July 11th photos

I have many more obviously but I think it's time to move on to the 12th. So here's the last of the July 11th photos!

Leaving Scotland to spend the day at Alnwick Castle

Once you go over this bridge you're in the town of Alnwick

Welcome to Scotland! Heading back to Edinburgh. Actually I took this at the same time I took the England border picture, but who cares ;)

I just bought myself a parking pass for the U2 concert. 92,000 people will be there, it would be insanely stupid of me not to get one! If worse came to worse I would've taken the bus but in the slight chance that Ben joins me, the bus isn't an option for him. So, it has to be by car. Good grief, I hope Ben can join me. I promised my brother he could come if Ben couldn't. That'll kick me in the butt...
Tags: u2 concert, uk trip pic spam
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