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July 11th-Alnwick Castle and the start of the Potter tour

July 11th is really the start of the tour and the start of Potter filming locations! WHen I went up to the Highlands earlier in the trip I went to some Potter places but I didn't know (thankfully I went back up to the Highlands with the HP group!)

On the 11th we went down into Northumberland, the Northern Border territory (territory the right term?). We went Alnwick Castle (pronounced an-ick). Alnwick Castle is the filming location of the first two movies! So much was filmed there! For the posts that include Potter locations, I will try to post a screencap from the movie.

Flying lessons! There was a poster of that image against the wall.
Another cap

Another photo of the flying lessnos courtyard, how cool is this? You can see the archway in this photo

Our tourguide for the Alnwick magic tour (the legal way of saying the HP tour without Warner Brothers breathing down their necks). He was in the first movie! He was an extra and in the flying lesson scene, you can see his ear. He was also Draco Malfoy's body double in the first movie. Our group squeed,haha

With Luke (Malfoy body double). He kinda looks like Luke Skywalker actually..and my arms got sooo burned from Paris!
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