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not really an update, more of a rant

I'm not religious, I'm as far from religion as fish is from a desert. That said, I respect people's rights to pray to any deity they believe in as long as they keep me out of it. A really large Jewish holiday is coming up next week, Rosh Hashuna. It's a huge holiday, one of our biggest. A temple my parents used to belong to is run by an asshat of a Rabbi. He's charging for tickets to get into the temple to celebrate the holiday. Anybody without a ticket is turned away. Turned away! I understand asking for a donation and to turn somebody away if the temple gets too full (fire code). To turn somebody away who didn't buy a ticket though? To actually hire security to prevent somebody from coming in to pray? That's beyond low! So any unfortunate Jew that can't pay for a ticket won't be able to go to this temple to pray to their god. This temple is also going to shove those people to the temple my mom is currently active in, a very small temple! The asshat Rabbi's temple is pretty large, it can hold about 800 people...maybe more! It's also never filled up because not everybody can afford tickets, especially the families with 7 kids (don't get me started on that burden on our planet!)
I find is disgusting that a so called child of a god would turn away somebody like that. It's absolutely appalling.

I'm not going to any temple this year, I haven't for quite a few years now. My mom finally gets it that I would feel like a hypocrite, saying false prayers to a god I don't believe in. I do say the Yizker prayer, the prayer of the dead. This is only because it's a beautiful little poem for our loved ones that passed on and I feel no issues doing this for my father, a deeply religious and beautiful man. It's just a small way I can honor him.

I've been texting Ben to come over next week for dinner. My mom still has company for these holidays, one day it's family friends (loud mouthed bigots, oy!). The next day is mostly family. I haven't heard back from him and my hopes aren't high that he'll come over. Actually, my hopes aren't high that I'll see him at all during his time here. I'm already looking for somebody else to go to U2 with me, since I highly doubt he will. Yeah it depresses me, but what can I do? -.-
Tags: ben, judaism, omgwtfbbq!, religion rants, stupid people
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