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More Highlands

Here's some more

The one. The only. Loch Ness! :D

Stopping at Glencoe. Glencoe is amazing and absolutely gorgeous! I'll post different Glencoe pictures of course but I figured the coach and the people give it a sense of scale. Many things were filmed at Glencoe including parts of Potter (horntail chasing Harry in GoF comes to mind)

Glencoe has a very sad history, a terrible massacre happened there. You can find some info here.
Let me tell you, it's an eye opener for me getting the history from two different sources. The first time I went to the Highlands I had a wonderful guide from Glasgow. He was passionate about his country and his history and really brought home the scale of the tragedy of the slaughter. A few days later our HP tour guide took us up there and gave us the same history, she's from England. She treated the story like it was just a piece of trivia. It was quite interesting hearing the terrible tale from a Scot and an English person. I'm not saying all English don't care about the history of the other UK countries but it's still interesting.
The Glencoe massacre was the beginning of the end for the Highlanders :(
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